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  • Housing Developer - An organization that helps create affordable housing.  Information about our funding sources can be found here.
  • Grantee - An organization that has received funding from the Division of Housing.  Forms and resources to help you with compliance can be found on this page.
  • Renter - Colorado renters can find information about affordable rental properties, renter rights and responsibilities and more
  • Landlord/Property Manager Find out landlord/tenant rights and responsibilities, listing your affordable units available for rent, how to become a Section 8 landlord, Fair Housing issues and more
  • Researcher or Member of the media - Here you will find data about foreclosures, vacancy and rent surveys and other information related to the housing market in Colorado.
  • Local Government/Housing Authority - Local governments and housing authorities will find information about the Housing Choice Voucher program, the role of local governments in affordable housing, and more.
  • Factory-Built Structure manufacturer - These pages include information about resolutions regarding factory built structures, installations and inspections, and other housing technology and codes.


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