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Vendor Information

What is the CORSAR Card? 

The CORSAR Card is the means for responsible users of the backcountry to provide funding for search and rescue missions in Colorado. Those with a card rest assured with the knowledge that their purchase provides funding to SAR teams for mission expenses, high quality training, and the latest equipment should they require the services of search and rescue. SAR teams conducting missions for cardholders are immediately eligible for reimbursement of expenses by the SAR fund. The card is not insurance, does not reimburse individuals, and does not pay for medical transport.


Benefits to being a vendor:

  • Cards are provided at no cost to vendors. Paperwork and reporting is minimal. Marketing materials are available at no charge to vendors.


  • Vendors earn a substantial profit on the cards and net $1 from one year cards and $3 from five year cards.


  • Vendors of CORSAR cards provide a valuable service to a targeted market of backcountry users.


  • Selling CORSAR cards helps local law enforcement and search and rescue volunteers.


  • Cards are in high demand by bikers, hikers, climbers, kayakers, outdoor photographers and draw customers to your store.


  • Your store is listed on the Search and Rescue web site.


  • Cards require only name, address, phone number, and date of birth of buyers. Most sales take less than 3 minutes to complete.