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Search and Rescue Fund

Program Contacts:

Department of Local Affairs
1313 Sherman Street, Room 521
Denver, CO 80203


Glory Ortega
Program Manager
Department of Local Affairs


Program Library 



The Colorado Department of Local Affairs (DOLA) administers the Colorado Search and Rescue Fund, which operates pursuant to C.R.S. 33-1-112.5. The fund was created in 1987 for the purpose of reimbursing political subdivisions and search and rescue organizations for the costs incurred in conducting search and rescue operations and to further provide funding for the purchase of search and rescue related equipment and training.


The fund is not insurance and does not reimburse individuals.


The Search and Rescue Advisory Council assists DOLA with administration of the fund. Members of the council are appointed by DOLA's Executive Director and represent individuals knowledgeable and interested in search and rescue in the State of Colorado. The council will have a minimum of 11 members and maximum of 15 and at all times will have a minimum of three county sheriffs, and two members of the Colorado Search and Rescue Board. In addition, the director may request nominations from search and rescue teams, county commissioners, CORSAR card vendors, the Colorado Division of Wildlife, the Colorado Division of Parks and Recreation, hunters, fishermen, wildlife advocates, off-highway vehicle users, boaters, snowmobilers, backpackers, hikers, mountain bike riders, equestrians, and cross-country skiers.