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"Status of CTF and Spending Report" and the "Certification of Eligibility to Receive CTF" forms are completed using the e-Filing Portal through the Division of Local Government.  Each local government has been provided a User ID to access this secured website.


The due date for the 2014 Status Reports is March 31, 2015.


 e-Filing Portal link Access the e-Filing Portal W-9 form
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How to use the e-Filing Portal
(11:19 minutes)


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Automatic Deposit Form
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Helpful tips for completing your report:



  • Keep in mind, everything from is electronic and maintained in the portal.  Therefore, all project detail needs to be fully captured on-line.  We will no longer refer to phone calls and emails providing more detail.
  • These reports are public record and will be available through DOLA's website.  All project detail should be clear and descriptive so everyone can fully understand the "what, where, when and why" of your projects.
  • Under the project description, the space available is limited to 500 characters.
  • Be sure to provide specific information about the project:
    • Name of park, recreation center, pool, open space property, etc. Abbreviate, if necessary, but do not use acronyms. Use accurate property names;
    • Specify who owns the property;
    • In the case of property acquisition, specify what the property will be used for;
    • In the case of easements, specify where the property is located and the type of easement purchased.
  • Even though the form requires completing of project codes, please provide detail about what the activity was in the project description.
  • For project dates, be sure to list the project month and year. 
  • Examples of acceptable and unacceptable descriptions are:


Sad faceUnacceptable, too vague! 
Your report will be suspended!

Happy faceAcceptable, good detail! 
Your report will be accepted!
Purchased development rights.
Purchased easement.
Purchased a conservation easement on the property at the corner of 10th and Main.
Park maintenance.
Maintenance supplies.
Purchased maintenance supplies for the Town Center Park, including lawn tools, mower, sprinkler heads, and restroom cleaning supplies.
Recreation center capital improvements. Capital improvements to the County Senior Recreation Center, including pool furniture, new carpet, and new lockers.
Mowed entry area and greenbelts in special district. Mowed district-owned greenbelts and open space property located at 13th and Main.
Sprayed for weeds. Sprayed for weeds on County-owned conservation easements, open space and parks.