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Regional Offices

One of the department’s key assets in carrying out our mandate is our team of regional managers who live and work in designated regions throughout the state. Their day-to-day activities enable us to have a thorough understanding of the unique needs, goals and accomplishments of Colorado’s diverse communities. These regional managers are extremely knowledgeable about their communities and are a valuable resource to Colorado.


Division of Housing Staff Assignments
To ensure the State is served effectively, DOH staff are assigned particular regions. Technical assistance includes helping communities identify housing needs and securing private and public financing. In addition, DOH aids communities in forming housing development teams.


Division of Local Government Regional Managers
In order to provide the best possible service throughout the state, the department has eight regional offices, including Denver. Regional managers and field staff are able to help local governments and community agencies define issues, evaluate options, identify solutions and achieve results. They also offer management, planning, community development and technical assistance.