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Colorado Benefits
and Services

 Welcome to the Colorado Division

of Veteran's Affairs


State Office Services


Who we are:
We are one of the four major operational divisions of the Department of Military and Veterans Affairs. The Colorado Division of Veterans Affairs (CVA) is a state agency mandated by state statue. We offer advocacy to Colorado Veterans, family members and survivors in securing benefits they may be entitled to through their military service by providing the highest level of customer care and service with our specially trained service officers.


We assist throughout the claims process with the Veterans Administration (VA) for state and federal benefits. We are not the Federal VA but rather the State Department working directly with and for Veterans and eligible dependents.


CVA serves as a central source of information on veterans benefits, rights and issues. We accomplish this by directing, training and assisting the county veterans service officers (CVSO) who comprise the local veterans assistance agencies in each of Colorado's Counties. The CVSOs are there to assist you with your claim. We strongly recommend regular contact with your CVSO throughout the claims process.


We recommend when you have questions you make an appointment with your CVSO who provides answers and any needed assistance. Further, CVA assists claimants in their appeals to decisions they believe to be erroneous by serving as their advocate and attorney-in-fact to obtain federal and/or state veterans benefits before the Board of Veteran Affairs.


Our Mission:
To assist Veterans, their dependents, and their survivors obtain State and Federal benefits to which they are qualified for.


Who We Assist:

We assist Veterans, Active Duty, Reserve, and National Guard members of the Armed Forces of the United States. We also assist spouses, surviving spouses, dependent parents, and dependents with their claims.


State Programs and Services:

  • Benefits Representation
  • Community Outreach and Advocacy
  • Incarcerated Veterans and Homeless Veterans Initiatives
  • Colorado States Veterans Cemetery
  • Veterans Employment Preference and Benefit Letters
  • Women Veterans Programs
  • Operation Recognition
  • Colorado State and Veterans Nursing Homes
  • DD214 and Medals Request


Please note: some benefits depend on residency, military component, type of discharge and Veteran disability status.


The Colorado Division of Veterans Affairs is staffed with:

Four Accredited Veterans Service Officers
Two Administrative Professionals
Director and Deputy Director


What services do we provide?
We prepare the necessary forms, documentation of claims with pertinent data, proper submission and case management of claims, and if needed, representation at hearings.


Additional Resources and Benefits


Does Colorado offer a military identifier on a license or ID?

Yes, you can request a military identifier be added to your regular/commercial driver’s license or identification card. When applying for the identifier, you must present either your valid military identification card (common access card) OR a DD214. You will be charged a $15 fee per renewal (additional renewal fees may apply) and must choose between Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marine Corps, National Guard or Navy.

  • The military identifier does not extend to spouses or dependents.
  • The military identifier cannot be applied to any permit.


Disabled Veteran Property Tax Examption

This program is for Disabled Veterans who are RATED at 100%, Permanently and Totally Disabled by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs AND You must have lived in your home since January 1st.
This exemption is 50% of the first 200,000 value of your home. You may only get the exemption on your primary residence.

If you have questions please feel free to call The Colorado Division of Veterans Affairs at 303-284-6077 or fax an application into our office at 303-284-3163.

Tax Exemption Application pdf file

The Veterans Memorial Cemetery of Western Colorado

The Veterans Memorial Cemetery of Western Colorado was authorized by the Colorado Legislature in 1999 to honor Colorado veterans. Construction began in June, 2001 and was completed on September 4, 2002. The Cemetery officially opened on September 5, 2002. A total of three interments occurred on that day with the first being that of Aidan J. Quinn, a World War I veteran who was interred in Columbarium 1.The Veterans Memorial Cemetery of Western Colorado is located on 22.5 acres at 2830 Riverside Parkway, Grand Junction, Colorado, just east of the Grand Junction Regional Center. It has a capacity of 3,337 units, including 1,758 units for casketed remains and 1,579 units for cremated remains (of which 861 are columbarium wall niches). Additionally, there are 775 memorial garden plots available for veterans whose remains were not recovered or were donated to science or are otherwise unavailable for interment.

The Veterans Memorial Cemetery of Western Colorado is intended to be a dignified final resting place for Colorado. There are memorial walks on either side of the creek running northeast to southwest through the Cemetery. These walks pass by each of the five columbaria in front of which are benches for visitors. There are landscaped areas for in-ground interments that are characterized by thoughtful placement of trees, shrubs, and other plantings. These areas provide additional places for individual reflection.

The Veterans Memorial Cemetery of Western Colorado conveys the appreciation of the people of Colorado to its veterans for answering the call of duty and faithfully and honorably serving the United States of America and the State of Colorado. Eligibility for burial in the cemetery is the same as for Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) national cemeteries but includes a residency requirement.


One Year Grant

The document below provides an overview of the rules and/or regulations which define the eligibility requirements for qualified non-profit organizations applying for a grant. There is also information for the application process and an application form. Questions may be directed to the Colorado Division of Veterans Affairs at 303-284-6077.

One Year Grant pdf file

Veterans Trust Fund
Colorado Division administers the Veteran’s Trust fund. The grant program is available to provide funds to assist in veterans’ programs. Such programs may include, but are not limited to; transportation programs, food and shelter for homeless veterans and their families, incarcerated veterans’ programs, homeless stand downs, job assistance programs and other worthwhile programs that provide a "direct service" to the veteran community. Memorials, club renovations, honor guards and tributes to veterans are not included in the grant program. The board in determining who receives a grant award places emphasis on rural communities and grantees that describe how the program will be continued in the absence of continued funding. Only nationally chartered veterans service organizations are eligible to apply for a grant. The applications must address the needs of veterans in your community and the applications must use the proper application form which is found below.

Completed applications should be mailed to:

Veteran's Trust Fund Information
Department of Military and Veterans Affairs
ATTN: Grant Administrator
6848 South Revere Parkway
Centennial, Colorado 80112

If further assistance is needed, contact the grant administrator at (720) 250-1521. If you operate a veterans program that is in need of financial assistance and are not sure of your eligibility, please contact us.


2012 Trust Fund Application pdf file

CBVA Veterans Trust Fund Policy 12Jun2013 pdf file

Sample Application for Veterans Trust Fund Assistance Dec2012 pdf file

Sample Budget Narrative to Grant Application pdf file

Annual Report Executive Summary FY11-12 pdf file

Department of Military and Veterans Affairs Report on Colorado State Veterans Trust Fund FY11-12 pdf file


State Tuition Assistance:
The Department offers any member of the Colorado National Guard eligibility for state tuition assistance, up to 100% tuition paid at over 35 schools depending on funding available. State funding can be used in conjunction with Federal Tuition Assistance.



National Guard Records:
The Department of Military and Veterans Affairs Archives hold the military personnel records pertaining to, Retired members of the Colorado Army National Guard, Discharged members of the Colorado Army National Guard, Retired members of the Colorado Air National Guard and Discharged members of the Colorado Air National Guard. Due to the number of full time COARNG personnel that have been activated and deployed Archives may not have your records if you have were discharged or retired from the Colorado Army National Guard within the last 36 months. If we do not have your records you must contact the COARNG Military Personnel Office (MILPO) at 720-250-1330/1331 to determine the status of your records.


Documents Storage

Veterans, who listed Colorado for storage of DD214, can obtain a copy by calling 303-284-6077. Veterans can also get free recording and certified copies of public records for veteran-related purposes, including birth, marriage, death, and divorce decrees by contacting your local County Recorder’s Office.



Veterans License Plates
Disabled Veterans License Plate

Veterans meeting the requirements may apply through the Division of Motor Vehicles for one free Disabled Veteran Plate. To apply you will need to submit::

  • Completed application  DISABLED VETERAN LICENSE PLATE APPLICATION pdf file
  • DD214 demonstrating honorable discharge
  • An eligibilit letter from the Veterans Affaris office stating: 1) the veteran has a 50% or greater disabilty adn 2) the disability is service connected and 3) the disability is permanent. To obtain the leter call 303-284-6077.
  • The registration of the vehicle if currently registered or a title receipt or title completion notice from the County
  • Proof of Emissions
  • Proof of Insurance

Submit the packet to:


Colorado Department of Revenue Division of Motor Vehicles

Registration Section

1881 Pierce Street

Lakewood, CO 80214


By Mail

Colorado Department of Revenue Motor Vehicle Registration

Denver, CO 80261-0016



Branch and Award Specific Plates

The State of Colorado offers veterans a distinct license plate to display their service in the Armed Forces through a Military Veteran Recognition License Plate Program. The veteran must provide proof of military service and/or proof of award of a military related medal. To obtain a “VETERAN” license plate take your DD-214 to your local DMV Office. License plates include: U.S. Air Force, Fallen Air Force, U.S. Army, Fallen Army, U.S. Army Special Forces, U.S. Coast Guard, Fallen Coast Guard, U.S. Marines, Fallen Marines, U.S. Navy, Fallen Navy, Fallen Navy, Honorably Discharged Veteran, Veteran of Afghanistan War, Korean War Veteran, Veteran of Iraq War, Veteran of World War II, National Guard, Vietnam veteran, 4th Infantry and NORAD.

Medals available include:

  • Congressional Medal of Honor
  • Silver Star
  • Navy Cross
  • Air Force Cross
  • Bronze Stat with Valor
  • Bronze Star
  • Pearl Harbor Survivor
  • Prisoner of War,
  • Purple Heart
  • Distinguished Service Cross.


Colorado State Veterans Nursing Homes
Colorado State Veterans Nursing Homes are under the direction of the Colorado Department of Human Services, the mission of the Division of State Veterans Nursing Homes is to honor and serve our nations' veterans, their spouses and Gold Star parents by creating opportunities for meaningful activity, continued growth and feeling of self-worth in resident-centered long term care and supportive living environments. They are located in Florence, Rifle, Walsenburg, Monte Vista, and Aurora.


Hunting and Fishing License
Under the Department of Natural Resources, the Division of Parks and Wildlife offers the following benefits. Hunting and Fishing Privileges Free lifetime combination small-game hunting and fishing license for a resident veteran with a permanent service-connected disability of 60% or more. There is also no fee for a fishing license to a member of the armed forces who is a resident patient at a military hospital or convalescent station, any resident patient at a USDVA hospital located within the State, or any veteran who is permanently and totally disabled. The Department also recognizes those veterans with a Disabled Veterans License Plate by give free admission to any state park or recreation area. Allows those whom are rated 50% service connected to access campgrounds and obtain discounts. In order to obtain these benefits, the disabled veterans must supply a proof of disability letter from the Colorado Division of Veteran Affairs. To order the letter, call 303-284-6077.


Operation Recognition

Operation recognition is a program to award high schol diplomas to deserving and qualified World War II, Korea, and Vietnam era Veterans. Operation Recognition is authorized by Colorado State Law and is offered by the Colorado Board of Veterans Affairs in cooperation with the Colorado Department of Education and the Colorado Association of School Boards. The program operates on a voluntary basis among those High Schools.

This is a program providing high school diplomas to the veterans who left school to defend freedom. What started out as only a vision and a promise to honor and thank the veterans who were former high school students who left school to serve our nation in her time of need has become a national program titled "Operation Recognition". "Operation Recognition" honors the individuals who are the true heroes and real patriots of our country. One day these individuals were carrying textbooks and the next they were carrying weapons in order to protect our nation and preserve our freedom. The sacrifices they made changed their lives and teenage experiences, and in turn, made ours better. A WW II veteran was quoted as saying, "Experience is a hard teacher because she gives the test first and the lesson afterwards." Each and every veteran obtained experience the hard way and then learned the lessons of life


Upon request a diploma may be awarded to the honorably discharged veteran or veteran's family memeber if requesting posthumously if he/she:

  • Served in the Armed forces: WWII, Korea, Vietnam
  • Left High School before graduating on order to serve in the U.S. Armed forces
  • Is at least 60 years of age
  • Has not received a high school disploma (may hold a GED)
  • At the time of making the request, resides within the school district or
  • At the time of leaving High School to serve in the U.S. armed forces, resided within the school district.


Required Paperwork

  • Application
  • Copy of Honorably Discharged paper 


A helpful guide may be found at (note click this will take you to a new website)

2013 Veterans Benenfits Guide by Free Press