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Gravel Rates

Logan County not increasing gravel royalties

Callie Jones, Journal-Advocate staff writer

Posted:   01/15/2013 05:25:59 PM MST




STERLING — Logan County will not be increasing what they pay for gravel from county gravel pits. The commissioners were in agreement about not increasing royalties when they met with Planning Coordinator Kris Pennington and Road and Bridge supervisor Chad Wright during a work session on Tuesday.


Several pit owners requested an increase in the gravel royalty paid by the county because they are paying more in taxes than what is being paid for the gravel. At a work session last week the commissioners discussed the possibility of increasing royalties in order to entice expansion of some pits. However, this week they decided not to increase what they're paying because the 45 cents per yard that they're currently paying for gravel is similar to what neighboring counties' gravel rates are, and the Road and Bridge budget for 2013 for gravel was based on that rate.


The county needs to begin negotiations will landowners as soon as the leases expire in 2013.


Tuesday, the commissioners talked about offering a minimum payment to pit owners if the county doesn't use their pit during the year, because there may be years when the county doesn't use some of the pits at all.


There was also talk about allowing the owners to negotiate for more gravel for their own personal use.


Mine Safety and Health Administration regulations state that landowners cannot enter the pits to obtain their own gravel. The gravel must be loaded by county personnel with the proper MSHA training certificates, or the owner can take the 24-hour class if they wish to get certified.