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Emergency Notification Signup

Emergency Alert

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Phillips County is utilizing WENS (Wireless Emergency Notification System) to notify our first responders of emergencies.  We will now also be using WENS to notify the general public of emergency situations such as local weather issues (tornadoes, severe thunderstorm warnings, blizzards, etc.), power outages, major fires, etc.  All land lines are put automatically into the system, but cell phone numbers must be registered manually by the cell phone owner. 


When you register you will have the option to receive a number of different types of alerts including notices from the National Weather Service on items like tornadoes, blizzards, floods, high wind, etc.  Other alerts include power outages, road closures, and local traffic alerts.  If you check the box to receive those notices, they will be automatically sent to your phone or e-mail.  The Communications Center will send out local alerts – i.e. fire in your neighborhood, lost child in your area, a shooting incident, a chemical spill,  etc.


 When you register you will have to decide how you want to receive your notifications.  You can receive notifications via voice, text or email or a combination of the three.  If you want both voice and text notification, you will have to register you cell number twice, choosing one option the first time and the other option the next time.  You will also be asked to identify your cell phone carrier.  If you elect to receive texts, you will be subject to any charges for that text according to the contract you have with your carrier.


You can register in English or Spanish using the following links.   

1)    http://entry.inspironlogistics.com/phillips_county_co/wens.cfm.

2)    http://entry.inspironlogistics.com/phillips_spanish/wens.cfm


Phillips County would remind you that no communication distribution system is infallible.  For that reason, redundant systems of emergency notification, including the outdoor siren system, telephone, e-mail, text messages, and external systems on commercial radio and TV stations or weather radios may be used to send out alerts as well.


If you later decide you do not want all the notifications you can unsubscribe by going to the same link and following the instructions.



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