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CDOT Enhancement 2013

The 2012-2013 CDOT Enhancement grant will fund the completion of additional bicycle/pedestrian amenities and landscaping features connecting to and throughout Homesteaders’ Park and the Phillips County Fairgrounds.  The project will include benches, lighting, waste containers, public art and landscaping.  One segment of the existing bicycle path will be modified while additional pathway will be added to better serve users.  Two of our original enhancement projects included bicycle/pedestrian components, benches and other landscaping furniture.  The third project which culminated in 2010 provided landscaping and trailhead paving areas in and around the new Event Center. Family biking.

The fourth project (2011 - 2012), complimented the project to replace the Homesteaders’ Park playground equipment with universally accessible playground equipment and installation of a small, artificial turf field.  Enhancement funds were used for creation of access trails to the new playground.  Benches were place to encourage use; lighting made the site attractive during the evening hours; fencing was installed to enhance components and provide safety for children playing in the area; and a small, paved trailhead was provided at the site.


The fifth project is scheduled to begin the summer of 2013.  Work on the water feature will begin in August while the path project will begin in the fall.  Bids are being taken on the project until July 19.  Interested contractors can access the Legal Notice for specifics about the project.