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Cardboard Recycling

Phillips County has a successful cardboard recycling program available for county residents.  Recycling trailers have been placed throughout the county to ensure easy access for those wishing to participate in the program.  If you have a project that involves a large amount of cardboard, there is a traveling recycling trailer that may be taken to your site.

If you have any questions, please contact Bill Andrews, Landfill Manager, at 970-854-2166.

Holyoke Marketplace Haxtun Recycling
Ag Power Haxtun Hospital
MV Equipment Haxtun C - Store
Flower Garden Haxtun Liquors
Radio Shack Grainland Coop Fertilizer
Sullivan's Appliance Kurtzer's LLC
S&W Auto Supply Haxtun Road Dept (summer months)
Hometown Liquor Haxtun School (school months only)
Speer Cushion  
Holyoke Recycling Floating trailer (available by request)
RJ's Simple Spending  
Holyoke School (school month only)  


Do your part to save space in our landfill by recycling your cardboard products.