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Library Policies - Patron Behavior Policy

Disciplinary Process for Library Facilities


A. Incident Reports. Library Staff shall record on the Incident Report form any violation of the Patron Behavior Policy that results in a verbal warning or a suspension of library privileges. By the end of the day on which the incident occurred, an Incident Report shall be written and forwarded to the Library Director for logging and review.


B. Violation of the Policy. The Library shall handle violations as follows:


1. Initial Violation: Library patrons observed violating any policy will be asked to cease the violation with a verbal warning. If the patron does not comply with the request, they will be asked to leave the building. If they refuse, police may be called.


2. Subsequent Violations: The Director or the Director’s authorized designee may further limit or revoke the patron’s library privileges if infractions continue. Such limitation or revocation shall be in writing specifying the nature of the violation. Subsequent violations shall result in additional suspensions of increasing length.


C. Reinstatement: The patron whose privileges have been limited or revoked shall attend a meeting with the Director or the Director’s designee to review the Library Patron Behavior Policy before their privileges are reinstated.


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