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Library Policies - Patron Behavior Policy

Patron Behavior Policy




The following rules of conduct shall apply to all branches of the Moffat County Libraries and to all persons entering into or on the premises.



Rules for Personal Behavior


Personal property brought into the library is subject to the following:


The Library personnel may limit the number of parcels carried into the library.

The Library is not responsible for personal belongings left unattended.

The Library does not guarantee storage for personal property.

Personal possessions must not take up seating or space if needed by other patrons.


Food and open drink containers are not allowed in the computer area or around electrical equipment.


Patrons must leave the library premises promptly at closing time.


Patrons shall be engaged in activities associated with the use of the Library while in the building. Patrons not engaged in reading, studying or using the library materials or facilities shall be required to leave the building.


Running in the library building is prohibited.


Putting feet or legs on furniture is prohibited.


Sitting on tables is prohibited.


Baby carriers are not allowed on tables.


Panhandling or soliciting library staff or patrons for money, products, or services inside the library or on library property is prohibited.


Using threatening language or gestures is prohibited.


Patrons may not interfere with the staff’s performance of duties in the Library or on Library property. This includes engaging in conversation or behavior that monopolizes or forces the attention of staff for an inappropriate period of time, inappropriate personal comments, sexual advances, or physical and/or verbal harassment.


Monopolizing the use of Library equipment is prohibited.


Campaigning, petitioning, interviewing, survey taking, pamphleteering, and canvassing are prohibited in the Library. Any activity that violates Moffat County election law shall be prohibited.


The Director must approve distributing or posting printed materials/literature on Library property.


Misuse of restrooms, including laundering, shaving, hair cutting or trimming, bathing, and sexual activity is prohibited.


Staring, photographing, following, stalking, harassing, or threatening library patrons or staff while in the Library or on Library property so that it interferes with the Library patrons’ use of the Library or the ability of the staff person to do his or her job is prohibited.


Producing or allowing any loud, unreasonable, or disturbing noises that interferes with other patrons’ use of the Library or that can be reasonably expected to disturb other persons is prohibited.


Offensive body odor due to poor personal hygiene or overpowering perfume that interferes with the use of the library by patrons or library staff is prohibited.


Entering non-public areas of the library without proper authorization is prohibited.


The following are examples of unacceptable behavior, which may lead to removal of a patron from the library:

Abuse/vandalism of library facilities, materials or equipment

Cell phone usage

Child abuse

Excessive public displays of affection



Harassment: physical, sexual or verbal abuse of other library patrons or library staff

Improper attire: patrons should wear shoes and shirts in the library

Intoxication/drugs or noticeable alcohol on breath

Loitering, including refusing to leave at closing

Obscene language

Screaming or running in library


Unruly/offensive behavior


Any other behaviors that disrupt library operations


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