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Personal Care Provider


Gail Sanchez                                                                          
PCP Supervisor                                                              
Phone: (719) 672-3332 ext. 3450
Cell:      (719) 588-9766
Fax:      (719) 672-3856
Email: gsanchez@costillacounty-co.gov
Maria Jacquez
PCP Assistant Supervisor
Phone: (719) 672-3332 ext. 3465
Cell:      (719) 580-4077
Fax:      (719) 672-3856
Email: mjacquez@costillacounty-co.gov
Bernadine Sanchez
PCP Assistant Supervisor
Phone: (719) 672-3332 ext. 3451
Cell:      (719) 588-9767
Fax:      (719) 672-3856
Email: bquintana@costillacounty-co.gov

P.O. Box 99
233 Main Street Suite C
San Luis, CO 81152
Office Hours:
7:00am - 5:30pm
Monday - Thursday




Personal Care Provider (PCP) Service: Personal Care Providers (PCPs) are part of the OLTC program. The PCPs are bilingual, they come to the home on a regular basis and they form positive, caring relationships with their clients as they assist with their daily personal care and home-making needs. People enrolled in the OLTC program are eligible for PCP care.


Homemaker Job Description: Homemaker involves lifting (no more than 10 lbs), stooping, bending, pulling, pushing, twisting, stretching, and running errands. Homemaker services are provided in the home of an eligible client, when the individual ordinarily responsible for these activities is temporarily absent or unable to manage the household activities.



Personal Care Provider Job Description: Personal care involves lifting (no more than 10 lbs), stooping, bending, pulling, pushing, twisting, stretching. Personal Care Providers shall meet State Certification Standards established for personal care services by the state Medicaid rules as a Personal Care Provider.                                                                   
Personal Care means services which are furnished to an eligible client in his/her home for the following purposes:
  • To meet the client’s physical needs.
  • To assist with client’s maintenance or supportive needs when those services are not skilled personal care.


 Provider Certification and Recertification:

  • All Personal Care Providers (PCP’s) are to be certified by the Personal Care Provider Agency (PCPA) by taking a twenty (20) hour course of instruction. This course is given by the Costilla County Public Health Agency or other authorized agency.
  •  An emergency certified provider may begin working with a client, and will be required to attend the next available certification class.  PCP’s will not be paid for attending the certification class.
  • All PCP’s must attend eight (8) in-service hours for continuing education units (CEU’s) each calendar year to continue certification. Certification status will be effective January 1st thru December 31st. The training requirement shall be prorated in accordance with the number of months the employee was actively working for the agency.
  •  PCP’s are required to attend all mandatory in-services offered by the CCPHA-Personal Care Provider Agency as long as they are actively employed. If a PCP is unable to attend he/she must call the agency and make arrangements with the PCP Supervisor to obtain the information. When a provider is on a leave of absence and is expected to return to work, the hours of recertification must continue. However this agency will not reimburse for CEU’s (Continuing Education Units) during this leave of absence.
  • PCP’s will be reimbursed at their hourly rate for in-services, up to eight (8) hours, offered by this agency.   If PCP’s choose to attend in-services other than those offered by this agency, the PCP will be given CEU’s but will not be paid for hours obtained outside this agency.
  • First Aid, Nurses’ Aide, and/or other health related or applicable in-services will be accepted as continuing education units, when preapproved by the PCP Supervisor.  PCP’s will be required to bring in written proof of attendance signed by the authorized person where that in-service was attended.
  1.  PCPs must not take, borrow, nor accept money/gifts from the client.
  2.  PCPs are not permitted to take friends or family members to work with them.
  3.  PCPs are not allowed in the client’s home when the client is not there.
  4.  PCPs are not allowed to make personal or long distance phone calls from the client’s home or during work time.