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Recording Documents

Recording fees are statutory established and all fees will be collected at the time of recording the document. In order for documents to be recorded promptly, please make sure fees are correct and accurate. All documents received with insufficient fees will be returned.
Fees $11.00 for the first page and $5.00 for each additional page pertaining to the document. Document that transfers title with consideration exceeding $500.00 will be assessed a state documnetary fee of 0.01 cent per $100.00.
Personal checks need to be made payable to Costilla County Clerk and Recorder.
The return address needs to be complete and accurate. (Whom the original document should be returned after recording.) No return envelope is required, but is appreciated!
Please make sure the quality of the document and text is legible. Documents with poor quality produce poor public records.
Document Margins – Colorado Law (CRS 30-10-406(3)(a) requires all documents have a top and bottom margin of at least one inch and a left and right margin of at least ½ inch. The recorder may refuse to file any documents that do not meet these standards.
Deeds – Colorado Law (CRS 38-35-109(2)) requires all deeds need notation of the legal mailing address for the grantee. This address is used to determine where tax statements should be mailed after the poperty is transferred.
To submit Documents, please send to:
Costilla County Clerk and Recorder
PO Box 308 San Luis, Co 81152