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The Colorado Integrated Criminal Justice Information System (CICJIS) is a collaborative program designed to facilitate information sharing at key decision points in the criminal justice process. This process takes place across the boundaries and jurisdictions of Colorado criminal justice agencies to enhance public safety, improve decision making, increase productivity and improve access to criminal justice information.


CICJIS is an independent program that relies on the equal participation of the five CICJIS agencies - Colorado Bureau of Investigations (CBI), Colorado District Attorneys Council (CDAC), Colorado Judicial, Colorado Department of Corrections (CDOC), and Colorado Department of Youth Corrections (DYC). Each agency has its own business models and strategies, but each has a vested interest in CICJIS and gains benefits from their participation.


CICJIS is made up of electronic services or functions - the entire program consists of electronic services that maximize standardization of data and communication technology among the five agencies. CICJIS acts as the hub that links these systems together into one virtual computer system, allowing the systems to share common data and to provide a single view or source of information to criminal justice agencies. CICJIS automated systems eliminate  the need for redundant data entry. The automated systems are designed to provide one-time entry of data using secure, role-based, authentication methods. CICJIS is continually striving to provide efficient and effective services to its customers.

These services were designed with a broad consensus that integrated justice information could potentially save lives, while saving time and money. Achieving the benefits of integrated justice can be a difficult and complex task, requiring ongoing support and enhancement. The technical and organizational challenges require sustained commitment from key people and organizations, as well as an investment of resources and an innovative approach. Constant communication, joint planning and decision making, bipartisanship and a long-term perspective ensure continued success.