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Marijuana Revenues Interim Committee

 Report to Legislative Council


 Final Report



Committee Members

Representatives Senators
Tim Dore Irene Aguilar 
 Dan Pabon Randy Baumgardner
Jonathan Singer  Cheri Jahn


Public Committee Members

Heidi Baskfield, J.D. Executive Director of Advocacy for Children's Hospital Colorado
Kevin Bommer  Statewide Association of Towns and Cities
Fernando Martinez Substance Use Prevention Services 
Sal Pace Pueblo County Commissioner
Art Schut  President & CEO of Arapahoe House 
Marco Vasquez Law Enforcement

 Staff Contacts:

Matt Kiszka

Lauren Schreier

 Bill Zepernick

(303) 866-3521



2014 Committee Schedule
Meeting Information




Reports, Issue Briefs, and Memoranda
Date Title/Subject



Proposed Legislation
Bill Designation
Short Title
Former Bill Designation



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