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The Economics staff forecasts state General Fund and cash fund revenue quarterly. These revenue forecasts are used to develop the state budget, monitor state spending in relation to revenue, and determine and report the amount of excess state revenue under TABOR and Referendum C.  The quarterly forecasts include projections for the national and state economies and summaries of economic trends in nine regions around the state. The Economics staff also prepares several annual forecasts that are used to prepare budget requests for various state programs. These annual forecasts include:


  • the prison and parole population for adults and juveniles;
  • assessed property values for school districts;
  • kindergarten through twelfth grade public school enrollment;
  • higher education enrollment; and
  • tobacco master settlement agreement payments.


Forecasts by Calendar Year


Focus Colorado Email Subscription.  To receive an email containing an electronic copy of the forecast, please send your name and email address to  The email will be sent in pdf form immediately upon the release of each forecast.


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