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Presidents & Speakers of the CO General Assembly

Presidents and Speakers of the Colorado General Assembly: a Biographical Portrait from 1876


In 1980, the Colorado Legislative Council Staff compiled and published "Presidents and Speakers of the Colorado General Assembly: a Biographical Portrait from 1876."  The 1980 edition included biographical portraits of the Colorado Senate Presidents starting with Lafayette Head and ending with Fred Anderson; and Speakers of the House Webster D. Anthony through Robert Burford.  Staff used legislative journals, session laws, directories, press books, obituaries, news clippings, and information from family members as resources in writing this book.


From 2009 through 2011, Legislative Council Staff revised and updated the 1980 entries, and added entries for the Senate Presidents and House Speakers through 2011.  Staff will continue to update this document with information on future Colorado Senate Presidents and Speakers.


Colorado Legislative Council Staff applied its best effort to ensure that each Colorado Senate President and House Speaker is accurately portrayed based on available resources.  If there are omissions, discrepancies, or if you have additional information, please e-mail us or send a letter with documentation to:


Colorado Joint Legislative Library
Room 048, State Capitol Building
200 East Colfax Ave.
Denver, CO 80203-1784


Copies of the book are available for purchase from the Colorado Legislative Council Staff office, Room 029 in the State Capitol Building. You may purchase copies from Room 029 for $12.00 per book, payable by cash or check.  Please make checks out to the State of Colorado.


If you would like copies mailed to you, the price is $12.00 plus $ 2.30 for shipping and handling, which is $14.30 per book.  Please send a letter to the address below indicating the number of copies you want, with a check made out to the State of Colorado.  Please address the letter to Legislative Council Staff and include your contact information.


Colorado Legislative Council

200 East Colfax, Room 029

Denver, CO  80203-1784

attn: Legislative Council Staff


Please call the Colorado Legislative Council Staff office, 303-866-3521, if you have any questions.


Thank you for your interest.


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