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State Budget

This page provides information regarding the current and past fiscal year budgets, state cash funds, fees, the unemployment insurance program, and the staff forecasts for tobacco moneys and for higher education enrollment and tuition.

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For additional information please visit:


House Finance Committee


Senate Finance Committee


Staff Contacts:


Katie Ruedebusch

Kori Donaldson

Issue Briefs

Statutory Transfers to Fund Transportation and Capital Construction (2014)

State and Local Government a a Proportion of the State Economy (2014)


Summary of Major Tax and Finance Legislation

2013 2010
2012 2009


Bill Tracking


Summary of Fee Legislation (2011) 


Summary of Fee Legislation (2010) 


Staff Reports and Publications


Distribution of FY 2013-14 General Fund Surplus


State Revenue Transfers to Counties (2014)


Overview of Senate Bill 09-228, Concerning an Increase in the Flexibility of the General Assembly to Determine the Appropriate Use of State Revenues


Tobacco MSA Payment Forecast (2015) 


CO State Higher Education Enrollment and Tuition Revenue Forecast (2012)


State Unemployment Insurance Program Funding Structure (2011)


Summary of the State Budget Situation (2010)


Cash Fund Transfers to the General Fund (2010)


The Framework for General Fund Expenditures (2009)


CO State Spending as a Proportion of the Economy (2009)


CO State Services and Taxes by Income (2007)


Colorado Lottery Distributions, Revenue, and Expenditures (2007)


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