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The House Education Committee considers matters concerning K-12 public schools, including public school accountability and school finance; and higher education, including administration and governance, tuition, and financial assistance.  In addition, the committee has legislative oversight responsibility for the departments of Education and Higher Education.


Committee Members

Tom Massey, Chair

Don Beezley, Vice-Chair


Millie Hamner

  Carole Murray

Judy Solano


Chris Holbert

  Cherylin Peniston

Ken Summers


Janak Joshi

  Robert Ramirez

Nancy Todd


Andy Kerr

  Sue Schafer








Staff Contact:  Katey McGettrick  *  Phone: (303) 866-4796


2011 Committee Schedule

Meeting Days



Meeting Information

 Mondays 1:30 PM  HCR 0112 House Calendar

Bills and Fiscal Notes 

 (Access Instructions)

Meeting Summaries and Votes

  (Access Instructions)  


 HCR 0112

  Wednesdays(Joint Education) 

7:30 AM  schedule

HCR 0112

General Committee Information




















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