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Local Government

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This page provides information concerning counties, municipalities, special districts, housing, and land use planning.

For additional information please visit:


House Local Government Committee 


Senate Local Government Committee 


Staff Contacts:


Damion Pechota



Issue Briefs


The Sale and Use of Fireworks in Colorado (2014)


Telecommunications Modernization (2014)


Foreclosures and the Role of the Public Trustee (2012)


Homeowners' Associations (2011) 


Eminent Domain Legislation (2006) 


Bill Tracking


Local Government Bills (2011) 


County Governance Bills (2010) 


Rural Health Care Bills (2007) 


Land Use and Property Rights Bills (2007) 


Summary of Major Local Government Legislation


2013 2010
2012 2009


Summary of Major Housing Legislation


2014 2011
2013 2010 
2012 2009 


Staff Reports and Publications


Local Government Handbook 2013







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