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Pre K-12

This page provides information regarding preschool through twelfth-grade education.   For information about school finance, please see the school finance page.

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House Education Committee


Senate Education Committee 


Staff Contacts: 


Lisa Gezelter

Rachel Kurtz-Phelan


Issue Briefs


Colorado's K-12 Education Funding Rankings (2015)


Colorado's K-12 Achievement Gaps (2014)

Statewide Student Assessments (2014)

Academic Standards And the Common Core (2014)


Colorado K-12 Public Education Options (2012)


Colorado Public School Governance and Accountability (2012)


Colorado Early Childhood Education (2012)


Building Excellent Schools Today (BEST) Act (2012)


Federal Involvement in K-12 Education (2012)


Charter Schools Act (2012)


Educator Licensing (2012)


Education Reform in Colorado (2012)


Building Excellent Schools Today (BEST) Act (2011)


K-12 Online Education Programs in Colorado (2011) 


Colorado's K-12 Education Funding Rankings (2010) 


State Oversight of Charter Schools (2010) 


Alternative Teacher Licensure in Colorado (2010) 


Postsecondary Enrollment Options (2007) 


On-line Education in Colorado (2006) 


Update on Special Education Funding (2006) 


Summary of Major PreK-12 Education Legislation 

2014 2011
2013 2010
2012 2009  


Bill Tracking


K-12 Education Bills (2011) 


Charter School Bills (2010) 


Education Accountability Bills (2009) 


K-12/Higher Education Transition Bills (2008) 


School Safety Bills (2008) 


School Choice Bills (2007) 


High School Graduation Requirement Bills (2007) 


Staff Reports and Publications


Colorado Public School Accountability Handbook (2015) 




Colorado Department of Education Statistics Page


Education Commission of the States 



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