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Crimes and Law Enforcement

This page provides information regarding criminal law, controlled substances, firearms, sex offenders, DNA evidence, and juvenile justice.

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Issue Briefs

Colorado Gun Laws (2014)

Retail Marijuana Laws (2013)


Driving Under The Influence Of Drugs (2013) 


Colorado Juvenile Justice Systems (2013)


Probation Services in Colorado (2012) 


Colorado Laws Related to Drunk Driving (2012)


Bail, Bail Bonding Agents, and Pretrial Services Programs (2012)


Colorado's Medical Marijuana Law (2010)


Copper Theft (2010)


DNA Laws (2009)


Gun Laws (2009)


Cold Case Units (2007) 


Sealing Criminal Justice Records (2007)  


Summary of Major Crimes and Law Enforcement Legislation


2013 2010
2012 2009


Bill Tracking


Summary of Firearms-related Bills (2013)


Alcohol and Drugs Bills (2011) 


Criminal Sentencing and Procedures Bills (2011) 


Sex Offender-related Bills (2009) 


Juveniles in the Criminal Justice System (2008) 


Sex Offender-related Bills (2007) 


Staff Reports and Publications


Amendment 64 Legislation (2013)   


Special Sentencing for Felony and Misdemeanor Offenses (2012)


Crimes Against At-Risk Juveniles and Adults (2012)


Jessica's and Amber's Laws in Colorado (2012)


Colorado Gun Laws and the Right to Deny Firearms on Private Property (2012)


Conditions for Supervision by Pretrial Services Programs (2012)


Sealing Adult and Juvenile Criminal Records (2012)


Crime Classification Guide (2014)


Sex Offender Publication (2008)


Overview of the Adult Criminal Justice System (2007)

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