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This page provides information regarding the regulation of professions and occupations, banks and financial institutions, mortgages, foreclosure, and consumer protection.


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House Economic and Business Development Committee


Senate Business, Labor, and Technology Committee



Staff Contacts:


Luisa Altmann 

Issue Briefs


Employment-Based Criminal History Background Checks (2012)


Sunrise and Sunset Process (2012)


Foreclosures and the Role of the Public Trustee  (2012) 


Colorado Laws Regulating Alcoholic Beverages (2012)


Colorado and National No-Call Lists (2011)


Carbon Monoxide Alarms (2009)


Identity Theft (2007)


Summary of Major Business Legislation


2014 2011
2013 2010
2012 2009


Bill Tracking


Sunset Review Bills (2011)


Mortgage and Foreclosure Bills (2010)


Liquor-related Bills (2010)


Consumer Protection Bills (2008)


Liquor and Gaming Bills (2008)


Mortgage Bills (2007)


Staff Reports and Publications


Construction Defect Laws and Issues (2015)


Senate Bill 13-025: The Colorado Firefighter Safety Act (2013)


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