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The Senate Agriculture, Livestock, and Natural Resources Committee generally considers matters concerning water, agriculture, wildlife, mineral development, and recreation.  In addition, the committee has legislative oversight responsibility for the departments of Agriculture and Natural Resources.


Committee Members

Mary Hodge, Chair

Bruce Whitehead, Vice-Chair

  Greg Brophy  

Ken Kester

  Dan Gibbs   Gail Schwartz  
  Ted Harvey  




Staff Contact:  David Beaujon  *  Phone: (303) 866-4781



2010 Committee Schedule
Meeting Days Time Location Meeting Information
Wednesday Upon Adjournment SCR 353 Senate

Bills and Fiscal Notes 

 (Access Instructions) 

Meeting Summaries and Votes 

  (Access Instructions)  

 Thursday 1:30 PM SCR 353
 (Joint Meeting)
 7:30 AM  HCR 0107


General Committee Information





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Publications of Interest

Department of Agriculture

HB 08-1325 Nonimmigrant Agricultural Seasonal Worker Pilot Program Report  (2010)


Joint Budget Committee 

FY 2010-11 JBC Staff Briefing Document-Department of Public Health and Environment, Environment Programs 


FY 2010-11 JBC Briefing Document-Department of Agriculture 


FY 2010-11 JBC Briefing Document-Division of Reclamation, Mining, and Safety, Colorado Geological Survey, Oil and Gas 


FY 2010-11 JBC Briefing Document-Executive Director's Office, Parks and Outdoor Recreation, Colorado Water Conservation1 


Response from the Department of Agriculture to Questions from the Joint Budget Committee  (2009)


Department of Labor and Employment

HB 08-1325 Nonimmigrant Agricultural Seasonal Worker Pilot Program Report  (2010)


Department of Natural Resources

January 7, 2010 Response from the Department of Natural Resources to Questions from the Joint Budget Committee 


Oil and Gas Conservation Commission Report Submitted to the General Assembly 


Interbasin Compact Committee 2009 Annual Report (2009)


Water Supply Reserve Account Annual Report  (2009)


Colorado Water Conservation Board Small Project Loan Report 


Department of Public Health and Environment

Report to the Senate Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee and the House of Representatives Agriculture, Livestock and Natural Resources Committee  (HB 09-1330)

Division of Wildlife

Section 33-6-124 (4) (e), C.R.S. Report on citations issued for off highway vehicles 


Legislative Bill Tracking

Summary of Major Legislation







Staff Memoranda, Issue Briefs, and Publications



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