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House Local Government

The House Local Government Committee generally considers matters concerning local governments, special districts, housing, and land use planning.  In addition, the committee has legislative oversight responsibility for the Department of Local Affairs.


Committee Members

Laura Bradford, Chair

Libby Szabo, Vice-Chair

  David Balmer   Bob Gardner   Sal Pace  

Kathleen Conti

  Jeanne Labuda  

John Soper

  Rhonda Fields   Pete Lee  

Keith Swerdfeger




Staff Contact:  Raegan Robb  *  Phone: (303) 866-4364

2012 Committee Schedule

Meeting Days
Meeting Information
1:30 PM
 HCR 0111

House Calendar

Bills and Fiscal Notes 

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Meeting Summaries and Votes

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 HCR 0111





General Committee Information










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Publications of Interest

Joint Budget Committee

FY 2012-13 Staff Budget Briefing on the Department of Local Affairs 



Department of   Local Affairs

Department of Local Affairs Strategic Plan FY 2012-13


Department of Local Affairs FY 2012-13 JBC Hearing Responses



The Local Government Energy and Mineral Impact Assistance Program Biennial Direct Distribution Report for 2010-11



The Local Government Energy and Mineral Impact Assistance Program 2011 Annual Report



The Office of Homeless Youth Services 2011 Annual Report



Department of Local Affairs 2010 Annual Report 



2011 Report of County Elected Officials' Salary Commission 


Colorado Counties, Inc.

Report of Interim Task Force to Study Property Tax Assessment


  Final Report - Condemnation of Conserved Property Task Force Created in SB11-050


Legislative Bill Tracking

Summary of Major Legislation





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