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Fiscal Note Staff


  Fiscal Note Analysts   Staff   Phone

 Alex Schatz

   Bill Zepernick   303-866-4777
Manager  Chris Ward   303-866-5834
   Clare Pramuk   303-866-2677
   Josh Abram   303-866-3561
   Kerry White   303-866-3469
   Kristen Koehler   303-866-4918
   Erin Reynolds   303-866-4146
   Lauren Schreier   303-866-3523
Staff Assistant  Marie Garcia   303-866-4749


Fiscal Note Assignments By Subject Area


Subject Area Subcategory Analyst(s)  
Agriculture All Clare
Fiscal Note Offices
029 State Capitol
Denver, CO 80203
Fiscal Note Manager
Chris Ward

Fiscal Note Staff Assistant
Marie Garcia

Behavioral Health All Lauren
Children and Domestic Matters All Bill
Consumer and Commercial Transactions All Clare
Corporations and Associations All Clare
Corrections All Kerry
Courts All Alex
Criminal Law and Procedure
Computer Crimes, Criminal Activity,
Criminal Code, Fraud, General
Provisions, Miscellaneous
Offenses,Property Crimes,
Youth Corrections
Criminal Law and Procedure
Controlled Substances and Drugs -
MJ only
Criminal Law and Procedure
Arrests and Searches, Criminal
Procedure, Firearms and Weapons
Criminal Law and Procedure
Death Penalty, Personal Crimes,
Sentencing, Sex Offenses, Arrests
and Searches, Criminal Procedure
Criminal Law and Procedure
Controlled Substances and Drugs
except MJ
Criminal Law and Procedure
Probation, Offenders - Registration,
Peace Officers,
Criminal Law and Procedure At-risk individuals, Family Crimes, Mentally Ill, Morality Crimes, Public Peace and Order Crimes Kerry
District Attorneys All Alex
Ballots, Campaign Finance,
Electors, General Elections, Recall
Initiatives and Referendums, Other,
Primary Elections, Recount, SOS, Voter Registration, General
Financial Institutions All Clare
General Assembly All Josh
Government County All Josh
Government Local All Josh
Government Municipal All Alex
Government Special Districts All Alex
Government State
Administrative, Archives, Boards,
General, Miscellaneous, Public
Officials, Lobbying
Government State
Economic Development, Electronic
Transactions, DORA, Ethics
Government State Local Affairs, Tourism Office Alex
Government State State Funds Bill
Government State Federal Programs and Funds, Other, Energy Office, Governor, OSPB, Open Meetings, SOS Bill
Government State Procurement, State Property and State Land Use (not CDC) Chris
Government State State Funds Erin
Government State Telecomm and IT Jessika
Government State State Funds Josh
Government State Public Safety Kerry
Government State Bonds, Construction  Contracts, State Property, State Land Use Kori
Government State AG, Law, Government Immunity, Open Records (Judicial), Victim Rights Kristen
Government State Fiscal Policies (Budgeting), Personnel, State Buildings, Revenue Department, Treasury, Spending Limit, Lottery Lauren
Government State PERA Lauren
Government State State Funds Lauren
Health and Environment Environmental Clare
Health and Environment Public Health Lauren
Health Care Policy and Financing Medicaid Kerry
Health Care Policy and Financing Medicaid (Long-term care and miscellaneous) Lauren
Health Care Policy and Financing CHP, General, OAP, and Other Medicaid Lauren
Higher Education All except those going to Kristen Josh
Higher Education All except those going to Josh Kristen
Human Services All Lauren
Immigration All Alex
Insurance Health and General Provisions Bill
Insurance Division of Insurance, Life, Miscellaneous, Other, Property, Regulation of Companies, Title Erin
K-12 Education All except those going to Kristen Josh
K-12 Education All except School Finance or going to Josh Kristen
Labor and Industry All Kristen
Military and Veterans All Lauren
Motor Vehicles License Plates Erin
Motor Vehicles Traffic Offenses (Criminal) Kerry
Motor Vehicles
All Except License Plates and
Traffic Offenses
Natural Resources Oil and  Gas, Mines and Minerals Alex
Natural Resources All except oil, gas, mines, and minerals Clare
Probate, Trusts and Fiduciaries All Bill
Professions and Occupations Health-related Occupations Bill
Professions and Occupations Alcohol, Gaming, Marijuana, Agriculture-related Clare
Professions and Occupations Health-related Occupations Bill
Professions and Occupations
Business Occupations and
Property All Erin
Public Utilities All Except Renewable Energy Erin
Public Utilities Renewable Energy Marc
Resolutions and Memorials Joint Resolutions Chris
School Finance Implementation Marc
School Finance Fiscal Todd
Taxation Property and Homestead Alex
Taxation Enterprise Zones Chris
Aviation, Gas/Fuels, General, Miscellaneous, Tobacco
Taxation Sales, Use, and Excise Taxes (All) Larson
Taxation Check-offs, Income Taxes Louis
Taxation Severance Taxes Marc
Transportation All Erin
Water All Clare





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