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Listing of all legislation approved by the Legislative Council for consideration during the 2010 legislative session

Proposed Legislation
Bill Designation
Short Title
Developmental Disability Waiting List Interim Committee
   Bill A  Denial of Benefits of Health Coverage Plans (lls no. 10-0388.01)
   Bill B  Creation of the Relief Fund for Children with a Catastrophic Medical Condition (lls no. 10-0389.01)
   Bill C  Applications for Home- and Community-Based Services Waivers for Children (lls no. 10-0390.01)
   Bill D  Agreements for the Purchase of Medical Goods (lls no. 10-0391.01)
Early Childhood and School Readiness Legislative Commission
   Bill A  Creation of the Early Childhood Educator Development Scholarship Program (lls. No 10-0308.01)
   Bill B  Continuity of Services to Public School Kindergarten Students (lls. No 10-0309.01)
   Bill C  Creation of the Colorado Quality in Child Care Incentive Grant Program (lls no. 10-0310.01)
   Bill D  Eligibility Determinations for the Colorado Child Care Assistance Program (lls no. 10-0311.01)
   Bill E  Universal Application for Programs Related to Early Childhood Issues (lls no. 10-0312.01)
Economic Opportunity Poverty Reduction Task Force
   Bill A  Priority of TABOR Refund Methods
   Bill B  Employer Liability Negligent Hiring
   Bill C  Identification Documents Reduce Poverty
   Bill D  Statewide Strategic Use Fund Evaluation
   Bill E  Suppl Nutrition Assistance Prog Outreach
   Bill F  Economic Opportunity Task Force
   Bill G  Vol Agment Affecting Rent Pvt Res Prop
   Bill H  Collaborative Mgmt Multi-agency Services
Fiscal Stability Commission
   Bill A  Higher Education Flexibility
   Bill B  Create Budget Stabilization Reserve Fund
   Bill C  Expand Public-Private Initiatives
   Resolution D  Fiscal Policy Constitutional Commission
   Resolution E  Request for Comprehensive Tax Study
Health Care Task Force
   Bill A  No Gender Individual Health Ins Rates
   Bill B  Home Health Care
   Bill C  Screening Brief Intervention Referral
   Bill D  Standardized Health Ins Information
   Bill E  Required Maternity Coverage Individual
   Bill F  CoverColorado Provider Fee Schedule
   Bill G  Medicaid Dental Services Contract Admin
   Bill H  Behavioral Health Crisis Response Servs
Hospice and Paliative Care in Colorado
   Bill A  Declaring Patient Terminally Ill
   Bill B  On-line Registry
   Bill C  Medicaid Hospice Life Expectancy
   Bill D  CO Medical Treatment
   Bill E  Medicaid Hospice Room & Board Charges
Mental Illness in the Criminal Justice Committee
   Bill A  Concerning Changes to the Demonstration Programs for System of Care Family Advocates
Pinnacol Assurance Interim Committee
   Bill A  Workers Compensation Accountability
   Bill B  Workers' Comp Policyholder Prot Act 2010
   Bill C  Limit Surveillance Workers' Comp Claims
   Bill D  Pinnacol Assurance Board of Directors
   Bill E  Workers' Comp Benefits Knowing Penalty
   Bill F  Workers' Comp Conflicts of Interest
   Bill G  Workers' Comp Claims Process Brochure
Police Officers' and Firefighters' Pension Reform Commission
   Bill A  Eliminate FPPA Affiliated Local Plans
   Bill B  FPPA Retired Bd Member Term Extension
   Bill C  Return to Work By FPPA Member
   Bill D  FPPA Defined Benefit Member Contribution
   Bill E  Concerning a Volunteer Firefighter Pension Plan
School Finance Interim Committee
   Bill A  Extend Repeal Supplemental On-Line
   Bill B  School Awards Program Fund
   Bill C  Weighted Student Funding Formula Grants
   Bill D  School Speech-Language Pathology Asst
   Bill E  Pub Sch Transparency Fin Info On-line
   Bill F  Modifications to School Finance Admin School Finance Act Modifications
   Bill G  Stable Funding For Small School Districts
   Bill H  Average Daily Membership For Pupil Count
Transportation Legislation Review Committee
   Bill A  Modify Toll Evasion Notice Process
   Bill B  Reduce Waste Tire Stockpile Risks
   Bill C  Reserved Parking Disabled Enforcement
   Bill D  Driver's License & Permit Education
   Bill E  Highway Work Zone Accident Reporting
Water Resources Review Committee
   Bill A  Increased Funding for the Divison of Water Resources
   Bill B  Water Efficiency Grants
   Bill C  Valuation of New Hydroelectric Facilities


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