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2009 Pinnacol Assurance, Interim Committee to Study Issues Related to


 Report to Legislative Council


 Final Report 


Committee Members
Morgan Carroll,
Sal Pace,
 Ted Harvey
Bob Gardner
Mary Hodge
Cheri Gerou
Shawn Mitchell
Joe Miklosi
Lois Tochtrop
Su Ryden
Public Committee Members
Gary Johnson
Chairman, Pinnacol Board of Directors
 Pete Meersman
Member of the Public
 Marcy Morrison
CO Commissioner of Insurance
  Lynn Parry
Pinnacol Policyholder
  Ken Ross
CEO, Pinnacol Assurance
  Mark Simon
Injured Worker



Staff Contacts:

 Christie Lee
Clare Pramuk
Leora Starr
Chris Ward
(303) 866-3521


 To contact committee staff, please



2009 Committee Schedule
Meeting Information


August 4 Summary
9:00 a.m.
HCR 0112
August 14 Agenda Summary
9:00 a.m.
HCR 0112
August 31
9:00 a.m.
HCR 0112 (please note room change)
September 4 Summary
9:00 a.m.
HCR 0112
September 18 Summary
9:00 a.m.
HCR 0112
October 16
9:00 a.m.
HCR 0112

Reports and Committee Memoranda

Workers Compensation Insurance Market Share

Notebook Materials


Introduction and SB09-281

  • Workers Compensation Information
    • Workers Compensation Glossary
    • Residual Market Mechanisms by State
    • 50-State Comparison of Workers Compensation Premium Tax Rates, Rankings, and Disability Benefits
    • Workers' Compensation Rate Setting Memorandum
    • Charts
      • Current Average Voluntary Pure Loss Costs
      • Average Statutory Benefit Provision
      • Actual Average Indemnity Benefits
      • Actual Average Medical Benefits
      • Actual Average Total Benefits
  • Pinnacol Background
    • Comparison of Pinnacol Assurance to a Domestic Mutual Insurer
    • Pinnacol History Memorandum
  • Pinnacol Corporate
    • Pinnacol Enabling Statute
    • Pinnacol 2008 NAIC Annual Statement
    • Pinnacol Investment Committee Policy and Guidelines
    • Pinnacol Projected Cash Flow, Investment Income, Book Value, and Yield
  • Pinnacol Personnel
    • Pinnacol Employee Evaluation Templates
    • Pinnacol Medical Director Information
    • Supplemental Compensation Exhibits 2007-2009
  • CD Attachments
    • Disk 1
      • Pinnacol Annual Report
      • Pinnacol Foundation Annual Report
      • Pinnacol Community Involvement Report
      • Pinnacol Financial Audits 1997-2008
      • Oregon Workers' Compensation Premium Rate Ranking
      • NASI Study
      • Workers' Compenstaion Laws 2nd Edition
      • Legislative Reform, A 15 Year Retrospective
    •  Disk 2    
      • Approved Pinnacol Board Minutes 2000-2008
      • Pinnacol Assurance Audit Committee Meetings 2005-2009
      • Pinnacol Board Compensation Committee Meeting Minutes 2002-2009
      • Expense Reports for Pinnacol Executives
      • Governance and Ethics Committee Meeting Minutes 2003-2008
      • Investment Committee Minutes 2003-2009
August 4 Documents   
  Overview of Workers' Compensation 
  Colorado Workers' Compensation - The Respondents Perspective
  Workers' Compensation Residual Markets
  Pinnacol Briefing Book
  Pinnacol Surplus Chart
 August 14 Documents  
  Workers Compensation Rates in Colorado
  Overview of the Colorado Workers Compensation System
  Ratemaking Process
  Pinnacol Assurance Executive Compensation
  Compensation Plan by Class Code for FY 2008-2009
  Self-insured Employer Calculated Premium Equivalent
  DORA - Colorado Division of Insurance
  Best Practices in Travel, Entertainment, and Codes of Ethical Conduct - Kevin O'Brien
  Pinnacol Assurance Policy Holder Perspective
  Better Business Bureau - Pam King
  Statement from Lonzo Vann
  Rate Setting for Pinnacol Assurance - Discussion of Pinnacol Assurance's Loss-Cost Multiplier
August 31 Documents Public Testimony - Written
September 4 Documents CD Attachments
  Public Testimony - Written
  Alternate models for organization of state-sponsored workers' compensation insurance entities
  Financial Structure Options for Pinnacol Assurance
  Claims Procedures
  Property Casualty Insurers Comments
September 18 Documents Conning Report 
  Entertainment Expenses 
  Interim Committee_ Fraud 
  Interim Committee Requests  
  IW 2007 Paper Instrument English 
  IW 2007 Paper Results 
  Pinnacol Operating Guidelines 
  Provider Disaffiliation Without Cause 
  Public Testimony Written 
  Recommendations from Peter Meersman 
  Public Testimony from Mark Larson 
  Pinnacol Follow Up Questions 
  Bill Requests 




Proposed Legislation

Bill Designation

Short Title

Fiscal Notes

Former Bill Designation

Bill A

Workers Compensation Accountability


Bill 1

Bill B

Workers' Comp Policyholder Prot Act 2010


Bill 3

Bill C

Limit Surveillance Workers' Comp Claims


Bill 4

Bill D

Pinnacol Assurance Board of Directors 


Bill 11

Bill E

Workers' Comp Benefits Knowing Penalty 


Bill 12

Bill F

Workers' Comp Conflicts of Interest 


Bill 13

Bill G

Workers' Comp Claims Process Brochure


Bill 14



Bills Not Recommended to Legislative Council

Bill Designation Short Title
Bill 2 Pinnacol Assurance Functions 
Bill 5 Create Injured Worker Advocate Office 
Bill 6 Duties of Pinnacol Board of Directors 
Bill 7 Disclosure on Workers' Comp Bills
Bill 8 Work Comp Reinstate Vocational Rehab 
Bill 9 Pinnacol Chief Executive Appointment 
Bill 10 Privatize Pinnacol Assurance 

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