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Archives Select Committees 2007

2007 Senate Select Committee on

Renewable Energy


 Report to the Colorado Senate 


Committee Members


Greg Brophy
Ken Kester
Gail Schwartz
Jim Isgar, Vice-Chairman
Chris Romer, Chairman

Staff Contacts - David Beaujon,,303-866-4781
Geoff Johnson,,


Meeting summaries can be accessed using the hearing date links located below. 

After the hearing has been held, the meeting summary, upon completion, will be available through the same hearing date link.


2007 Committee Schedule


Location Topic
 February 21 

12:00 Noon

SCR 356 First Meeting
 March 2  2:00 P.M. SCR 356 Federal Incentives for Renewable Energy
March 6
12:00 Noon SCR 356 Ethanol, Bio-Diesel, and Alternative Fuel Pipelines
 March 14  12:00 Noon SCR 356 Wind and Transmission
 March 21  12:00 Noon SCR 356 Financing Renewable Energy
 March 28  12:00 Noon SCR 356 Clean Coal Technologies and Bio Fuels
 April 4  12:00 Noon SCR 356 Solar and Conservation
 April 11  12:00 Noon SCR 356 Conclusion -- 2008 Bill Ideas
 April 27  12:00 Noon SCR 356 Discussion with the Public Utilities Commission concerning the implementation of renewable energy and energy conservation legislation.


Staff Reports and Committee Memoranda



June 8, 2007

Renewable Energy and Energy Conservation Legislation in 2007 

April 24, 2007

Letter to PUC Chairman Binz 

March 15, 2007

Renewable Energy Legislation in 2006 

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