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Archives Health Care Task Force 2007



Senator Representative
Betty Boyd, Chair Jim Riesberg, Vice Chair
Mike Kopp Edward Casso
John Morse Gwyn Green
David Schultheis Tom Massey
Brandon Shaffer Spencer Swalm
Staff Contacts - 

Jeanette Chapman,
Christie Lee,
Kelly Stapleton,


Agendas and meeting summaries can be accessed using the hearing date links located below. An agenda will be available prior to each hearing. After the hearing has been held, the meeting summary, upon completion, will be available through the same hearing date link. Committee reports and memoranda prepared by staff will be available through the Staff Reports and Memos link above. The final report of the committee will be available, upon completion, through the Final Report link above.  
2007 Committee Schedule
Hearing Date Time Location
August 1 Cancelled 9:00 a.m. HCR 0107
August 23 9:00 a.m. LSB A
September 10 9:00 a.m. HCR 0107
September 11 9:30 a.m. HCR 0107
October 9 9:00 a.m. HCR 0107
November 1 9:30 a.m. HCR 0107



Proposed Legislation
Bill Designation Short Title Fiscal Notes Bill Number
Bill A Medication Therapy Management Bill 1
Bill B Eligibility For Medicaid Family Planning Bill 2
Bill C Medicaid Pharmacy Dispensing Fees Bill 3
Bill D Medical Payments Coverage Auto Insurance Bill 4
Bill E Trauma Care Funding Bill 5

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