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School Finance in Colorado

The staff of the Legislative Council provides estimates of legislative proposals related to the financing of K-12 public schools in Colorado. The council publishes a variety of documents designed to help legislators and the public understand school finance.

School District and BOCES Fiscal Impact Summaries Pursuant to HB 11-1277


State Education Fund Report



2011 School District Cost-of-Living Study Results (Legislative Council Staff memorandum, February 24, 2012) 
2011 Colorado School District Cost-of-Living Study, Corona Research, Inc.




School Finance in Colorado (April 2012)

A comprehensive booklet-style explanation of the school finance law, including a description of the formula and a series of tables to calculate funding under the law.


How Colorado Compares in K-12 Funding (April 2003)


School Finance Size Factor

Section 22-54-104(5)(b)(I3)(B), C.R.S., required the Legislative Council Staff to conduct a study of the school district size factors to be used in FY 1999-2000 and thereafter and report its findings to the General Assembly no later than January 15, 1999. 


Study of At-Risk Funding in School Finance Formula (January 2000)

The study is required pursuant to Section 22-54-103 (1) (d), C.R.S.   



Staff Contacts

Who to contact for more information concerning Colorado school finance.


School Finance
Todd Herreid   (303) 866-2633
Marc Carey   (303) 866-4102

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