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Archive of Summary of Major Legislation by Year 2008


Prepared by Legislative Council Staff June 2008


Thank you for visiting our Summary of 2008 Major Legislative Issues web site. You will find the major issues that were considered by the Colorado General Assembly during the 2008 legislative session categorized into 24 subject areas. For access, simply click on the desired subject area. Bills that have been enacted appear in highlighted and underlined text. This bill link provides a connection to the actual act. Your comments on the layout and organization of this document are appreciated. E-mail comments to: Correspondence intended for legislative members sent to this E-mail address will not be forwarded. For information about how to contact legislative members, see the Contact Information link on the Colorado General Assembly Homepage. Due to the large volume of comments we receive, we are unable to respond to each one individually.


Agriculture Higher Education


Human Services

Capital Construction


Civil Law



K-12 Education


Military Issues

Criminal Justice

Motor Vehicles and Traffic Regulation


Natural Resources and Energy

General Assembly

Public Health
Government ¿ Local

Tax and Finance

Government ¿ State Transportation
Health Care Water

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