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The Colorado Joint Legislative Library is classified as a special library since the collections primarily consist of legislative and public policy resources. There are over 5,600 print and electronic resources in the legislative, periodicals and newspapers, reference and non-reference collections. Print items may only be used in the library since the collections are non-circulating.


Titles below are select resources that are electronically accessible. Please keep in mind this is not a complete list of the Joint Legislative Library's holdings.



 Colorado Legislative Resources Federal Public Policy Resources
 Colorado Legislative Council Resources General Reference
 Colorado Public Policy Resources  
 Federal Legislative Resources  



If you need more information about the library collection, please contact the library at 303-866-4011 or

Colorado Legislative Resources

Colorado Revised Statutes & Compiled Laws

Current statutes     


(Print: 1877 - current)

Colorado Territorial & Session Laws

1993 - current


(Print: 1861- current)


University of Colorado William A. Wise Law Library:


Session Laws from 1861

Colorado House & Senate Journals

Current Session


Prior Sessions


(Print: 1861 - current)

House & Senate Bills

Current Session


(Includes Fiscal Notes)


Prior Sessions


(Includes Fiscal Notes)


(Microfiche & CD-Rom's:  House Bills 1963 - 2003)

(Microfiche & CD-Rom's: Senate Bills 1964 - 2003)


 Digest of Bills

1933 - current


(Print: 1963 - current)


Election Information


1996- current

(Print: 1892 - current)



Colorado Legislative Directories ("Pink Books")

Current Directory


(Directory for current session only with members' websites)


(Print: 1949 - current)


 Code of Colorado Regulations


Colorado Legislative Council Resources

 Colorado Legislative Council Interim Reports

1954 - current


(Print: 1954 - current)



Additional Legislative Council Resources

Agriculture, Natural Resources & Energy


Business & Economic Development


Crimes, Courts & Corrections








Health, Human Services & Environment






Taxes & Finance


Transportation & Motor Vehicles


Issue Briefs (2006 - current)


Colorado Public Policy Resources 

Audit & State Budget

Colorado Office of the State Auditor


Colorado Joint Budget Committee


Governor's Office of State Planning & Budgeting



Treasury Department


Business/Economic Development/Taxation

Colorado Office of Economic Development & International Trade (OEDIT)


Division of Property Taxation  

Courts & Criminal Justice

Colorado Supreme Court Law Library


Colorado Department of Public Safety, Office of Research & Statistics (ORS)


Colorado Department of Labor & Employment 

Environment/Natural Resources

Colorado Agricultural Experiment Station


Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment


Air Pollution Control Division  


Center for Health & Environmental Information and Statistics


Water Quality Control Division


Colorado Water Institute of Colorado State University   



Marijuana State Facts



State & Local Legislative Resources

Colorado General Assembly


Colorado Legislative Council


Colorado Secretary of State


Federal Legislative Resources


(Federal & Congressional information)


Electronic Code of Federal Regulations (e-CFR)


Project Vote Smart


(Assists users in locating congressional & state legislators)


Federal Public Policy Resources


Criminal Justice


National Institute of Justice (NIJ)




National Commission on Teaching & America's Future


National Institute for Early Education Research (NIEER) 


Energy & the Environment


Lincoln Institute of Land Policy


State Energy Data System (SEDS)


Government & Legislative Resources


Council of State Governments (CSG)


CSG WEST, Serving Western Legislatures


National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL)


Publications: "Legisbriefs", "State Legislatures", "NCSL Today"


U.S. Government Manual


Health & Human Services


Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA)


Health Affairs



General Reference




Founders Almanac


Old Farmers Almanac




Agricultural Statistics


Bureau of Justice Statistics


National Center for Education Statistics


Statistical Abstract of the United States


U.S. Census Bureau


















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