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Capitol Building Advisory

Committee Members

Sen. Linda Newell, Chair

Rep. Dickey Lee Hullinghorst, Vice-Chair

Ms. Nan Anderson Ms. Cindi Markwell
Ms. Janet Bishop

Ms. Jennifer Miklosi

Ms. Marilyn Eddins Mr. Edward C. Nichols
Ms. Friday Green

Mr. Kevin Patterson

Mr. Richard Lee Mr. Doug Walter



Staff Contacts :

Julia Jackson

Damion Pechota

Kori Donaldson

(303) 866-3521


To contact committee staff, please email:



2014 Committee Schedule

Meeting Information



January 17 Agenda Summary 1:30 p.m. SCR 354
May 16 Agenda Summary 1:30 p.m. SCR 354
 July 18 Agenda   Summary 1:30 p.m. SCR 354
 October 17 Agenda   Summary 1:30 p.m. SCR 354





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