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Advisory Board

Colorado School Safety Resource Center Advisory Board


The creating legislation (C.R.S. 24-33.5-1801, et seq.) outlined formation of an Advisory Board for the School Safety Resource Center to recommend policies for the Center.  The legislation also identified the membership and terms of office.  The Advisory Board began with thirteen members, as outlined in statute, who were appointed during 2008.  Four additional members have been added at the recommendation of the Board and approved by the Executive Director of the Department of Public Safety.


The board now meets quarterly, and will meet four times during each year. The board receives regular updates on the activities of the Center and board members have provided significant input and advice about the Center’s activities, its mission and vision. The Advisory Board approved operating By-Laws on June 1, 2010.

For a list of current Advisory Board Members, click “Members.”
For a schedule of upcoming meetings and to view the minutes from past meetings, click “Meetings.”
Colorado School Safety Resource Center Advisory Board By-Laws