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Community Corrections Subcommittee

The Community Corrections Subcommittee concluded its work July 24, 2009. In April 2013, the Commission seated the Community Corrections Task Force to revisit the topic of community corrections in Colorado. The Commission may restore subgroups in the future with updated membership, if new issues arise within the topic area.

The Commission partnered with the Governor’s Community Corrections Advisory Council in February 2009 to create the CCJJ Community Corrections Subcommittee. This subcommittee met from March through July 2009.  The purpose of the subcommittee was twofold. First, the Subcommittee helped to define and advance the CCJJ community corrections related recommendations (GP-26, GP-27, GP-28, GP-29 and BP-45) and second, the group began to envision and map an ideal community corrections system for Colorado in the 21st century. The Subcommittee passed its work onto the Advisory Council and concluded its meetings July 2009. 

The Community Corrections Subcommittee has no scheduled meetings.

See the CCJJ Master Calendar for information on all scheduled meetings of the Commission and its subgroups.

2009 Membership

Position ( & Affiliation)
Carl Blesch Community Corrections (Division of Criminal Justice)
Kevin Duckworth Education services (Community Education Centers)
Charles Garcia Community Corrections boards (Denver Community Corrections)
Harriet Hall Mental health providers (Jefferson Center for Mental Health)
Tom Giacinti Justice services (Jefferson County Justice Services, 2nd Judicial District)
Brian Gomez Department of Corrections
Paul Isenstadt Community Corrections provider (ComCor, Inc.)
Jeff Mannix Governor's Community Corrections Advisory Council
Cecilia Mascarenas Formerly of the Colorado Board of Parole
Jeaneene Miller Community Corrections (Department of Corrections)
Dianne Tramutola-Lawson Offender Advocate (Colorado CURE)
Staff: Germaine Miera, Division of Criminal Justice

The Community Corrections Subcommittee has no subgroups.

There are no posted materials from the Community Corrections Subcommittee. 

See the "PREVIOUS MEETINGS" section for meeting minutes.

Date  Time Location Minutes
March 11, 2009   700 Kipling Street, 4th Floor
May 29, 2009   700 Kipling Street, 4th Floor
July 24, 2009   710 Kipling Street, 3rd Floor

See the CCJJ Master Calendar for information on all scheduled meetings of the Commission and its subgroups.