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FFL Information


Background Checks for FFL's Only


From the FAQ page: Important information regarding Concealed Handgun Permits and Background checks.




According to the Federal Firearms Regulation Reference Guide:
The identification document presented by the purchaser must have a photo of the purchaser, name, address, and date of birth, and must be issued by a governmental entity for the purpose of identification of individuals. (e.g. Drivers License) Currently, Colorado Concealed Handgun permits do not constitute a valid ID for the purposes of the firearms background check. However, a Colorado Concealed Handgun permit with a current address may be used to establish residence when the valid ID does not.


Yes. At this time, Colorado Concealed Handgun permits do not meet all the criteria to qualify for an exemption to the background check. That means even if you have a Colorado Concealed Handgun permit you must have a new background check every time you purchase a firearm. Out of state Concealed Handgun permit holders also need a background check to purchase a firearm in Colorado.


Note: All InstaCheck statistics are in a PDF format. Click here for a free download of Adobe Reader.


For: ATF Form 4473


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