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Sealing and Disposition

Dispositions / Sealing Records

Disposition Information

The disposition of a charge means the conclusion of criminal proceedings, to include: conviction, acquittal, acquittal by reason of insanity, dismissal, abandonment, or indefinite postponement of criminal proceedings; a decision not to file criminal charges after arrest; formal diversion from prosecution; sentencing, correctional supervision, and release from correctional supervision, including terms and conditions thereof; outcome of appellate review of criminal proceedings; or executive clemency.

If disposition information is not included on your Colorado Criminal History Record Information (CCHRI), or if your report shows "disposition unknown," contact the appropriate court to obtain a copy of the disposition. If your case never went to court, you may be able to get the records from the arresting agency or the district attorney's office in the jurisdiction where the arrest occurred.

If you wish to update your CCHRI with disposition information, please forward a copy of the court disposition to the CBI Identification Unit at 690 Kipling Street Suite 3000, Lakewood, Colorado 80215.
CCHRI contains abbreviations and legal definitions for criminal justice purposes. Below is a list of the most common abbreviations and their definitions which you may see in a CCHRI.



Not guilty verdict after a jury trial

Conviction Set Aside Dismissed
DRP Disposition Record Purged
DWOP Dismissed Without Prejudice (can re-file charges in case)

Dismissed With Prejudice (cannot re-file charges in case)


Charges dismissed based upon findings of the court or district attorney

Deferred Sentence/Judgment If all sentencing conditions are met, the case is eligible for dismissal at the end of the deferment.
Guilty Plea Defendant pled guilty to charge
Guilty at Trial

Defendant was found guilty by a jury

Not Guilty Not guilty finding by the court at conclusion of trial
Nolle Prosequi The case was not filed-dismissed
Nolo Contendre No Contest - this has the same effect as a guilty plea


For specific court information, please select the appropriate link below.

Sealing a Record

A person may petition the court to seal his/her own records by filing a civil action with the District
Court in the county where the arrest and/or criminal records are filed. Please review the Colorado State Statute (C.R.S.) 24-72-308 at the courts web site (see below) to read the instructions and qualifications for sealing a record. For additional information regarding obtaining a court order for the purpose of sealing a Colorado Criminal History Record, please contact the court in which the criminal records were filed or click on the link below for the sealing of records packet and instructions.

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