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The Water Quality Control Division's Grants and Loans Unit offers a variety of grants including the Nutrients Grant Program; Drinking Water and Wastewater Planning and Design Grants; State Revolving Funds (SRF), Small Systems Training and Technical Assistance (SSTTA) Grants, and Water Quality Improvement Fund (WQIF).

A Request for Application for the SSTTA and WQIF grants will not be released in 2014.



The Pre-Loan Planning and Design Grant Assistance Program provides financial assistance to small communities to assist with covering costs associated with the Drinking Water Revolving Fund and Water Pollution Control Revolving Fund program requirements.  Pre-loan assistance funds may be used for engineering planning documents, environmental review process, technical, managerial and financial capacity assessment, design documents and/or plans and specifications.

Financial assistance up to $10,000 can be awarded to a governmental entity. The following criteria must be met:

  • Project is on the current year's project eligibility list or is being added to the subsequent year’s project eligibility list, and

  • Population is 5,000 or less, and

  • Median household income (MHI) is less than 80.0% of the statewide MHI (The current 80.0% MHI number is $45,165 (currently American Community Survey 2006-2010). This number will be used through June 30, 2013 at which time the program will default to the most available data for the next period as stated above.


2014 applications were accepted in January.

Pre-Loan Planning and Design Grant Criteria pdf file

Pre-Loan Planning and Design Grant Application pdf file
Please e-mail application to  cdphe_grantsandloans@state.co.us.

A Request for Application for the Small Systems Training and Technical Assistance (SSTTA) Grant fund will not be released in 2014. 


The intent of the SSTTA grant program is to assist small systems with costs associated with planning/design of systems. Grants are available to communities with populations under 10,000 and Median Household Income (MHI) less than 80% of Colorado or current/post project water monthly rates are equal to or greater than the state average. Applications will be prioritized based on the criteria in the Drinking Water IUP, Appendix A or G. Communities can apply for financial assistance up to $20,000.


2013 SSTTA Prioritization pdf file

In addition to the low-interest loans, the state revolving fund offers principle forgiveness loans to disadvantage communities through a prioritized process during the June cycle. To learn more visit the SRF page.

A Request for Application for the Water Quality Improvement Fund will not be released in 2014. 


The purpose of the Water Quality Improvement Fund (WQIF) is to improve water quality in Colorado by providing grant funds for water quality improvement projects using civil penalties from water quality violations. House Bill 11-1026 amended the statute to authorize grants for stormwater management training and best practices training to prevent or reduce the pollution of state waters.


Governmental agencies, publicly owned water systems, private not- for- profit public water systems, not- for- profit watershed groups, not-for-profit stormwater program administrator, not- for- profit training provider, and private landowners impacted by a water quality violation are eligible to apply for grant funds. Please note: governmental agencies are only eligible for Category 3 funding.


2013 WQIF Prioritization pdf file

25-8-608 Colorado Revised Statute Water Quality Improvement Fund pdf file

House Bill 11-1026 pdf file

Water Quality Improvement Fund Regulation 55 pdf file

Historical WQIF Awardees (2007-2012) pdf file

Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment

Water Quality Control Division

Grants and Loans Unit

4300 Cherry Creek Drive South, B-2

Denver, CO 80246-1530

Phone: (303) 692-2053

Fax: (303) 782-0390

E-mail: cdphe_grantsandloans@state.co.us

Grants and Loans Unit Project Manager Map pdf file