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Water Quality Permitting - Application of Pesticides
Permitting Information   
       COG860000 Pesticides General Permit   Permit pdf file  
       EPA Pesticides General Permit   Fact Sheet    EPA Response to Comments pdf file
                    Regarding 3rd Party Lawsuits     Excerpts EPA Response to Comments pdf file
      EPA Requirements for Pesticide Operators  Brochure pdf file    
Colorado Outstanding Waters as of August 1, 2012  Map pdf file

Colorado Threatened and Endangered Fish Species   Map pdf file

Reg 93 List of Impaired Waters in Colorado/TMDL list 



General Information Regarding Colorado Approach pdf file

2012 Request for Information Report to  Colorado General Assembly
Report pdf file  
Supplement pdf file   
Governor Hickenlooper's position on pesticide regulation Letter pdf file
State Outreach Assistance  
  •  The Water Quality Control Division received funding to support a position for pesticide permitting that went into effect October 1, 2012.  This position is funded at 70% time for one FTE. Funding is currently available through Sept. 30, 2013.  As such, the Division will continue to rely primarily on EPA Guidance and outreach materials with the expectation that the Division will promote and raise awareness regarding the availability of these valuable resources.  It is also the Division's intent to develop state-specific resources as needed.  The position will be supportive of outreach to the regulated community, responses to citizen complaints, inspections, and compliance assistance.
  • Those seeking information are encouraged to browse the available resources listed on this page as well as information concerning the Pesticide General Permit of EPA's website.
  •  Contact John Nieland   303-692-3553   john.nieland@state.co.us
Other Links:  

CDA Plant Industry Division - FIFRA Authority



Renewal Timeline and Procedure pdf file

Stake holder meeting 1:  10/8/13 minutes pdf file  
Stake holder meeting 2: 11/13/13 minutes pdf file  
Stake holder meeting 3: 12/12/13 agenda pdf file


Topics of Interest - Questions and Answers

1. Ditches      Questions have been received regarding how ditches are addressed under this permit.In accordance with the Colorado Water Quality Control Act, a permit is not required for any flow or return flow of irrigation water into state waters except as may be required by the federal act or regulations.  Therefore, the scope of the state permit for discharges of pesticides contained in the flow or return flow of irrigation water is consistent with the permit scope of the federal permit.  EPA Scope Essay pdf file  in the EPA permit response to comments document is the best source of information on this topic.  The Division recommends that Decision Makers include areas  of application to ditches, even if they are dry at the time of application,  in their calculations for determining if they meet thresholds for submittal of a compliance certification to the extent those ditches are within the scope of the federal permit


2. Flood Irrigation     To the extent that waters in a field following flood irrigation are not waters of the state (are waters withdrawn for use), permit coverage is not needed for application of pesticides to those waters because it is not considered a discharge to waters of the state.  The Division would consider co-mingling of those waters with irrigation water to be irrigation return flow and/or surface runoff from an agricultural field, and therefore, the discharge of the co-mingled water would be exempt from permit requirements.

EPA Webcasts

December 8, 2011 Archived Webcast  - includes transcipt and power point presentation
March 1, 2012 Archived Webcast
Future Webcasts  -
EPA NPDES Training Courses & Workshops

EPA Outreach Materials

EPA Pesticide Discharge Management Plan Template  
EPA Pesticide General Permit Website for further and future information
EPA Pesticides Frequently Asked Questions