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We have a new website! Coloradowaterpermits.com
The url coloradowaterpermits.com will be linked next week directly to the new site.




HB12-1119 Report to General Assembly
Final Document 11-30-2012

HB12-1119 pdf file
WQCD Implementation Policy
Clean Water 
CW - 1 pdf file
Determination of the Requirement to Include Water Quality Standards-based Limits
in CDPS Permits based on Reasonable Potential.
WQCD Implementation Policy
Clean Water 
CW - 2 pdf file
Applicability of the Nutrients Management Control Regulation Dilution for Discharges
to Waters Designated as Critical Habitat for Threatened and Endangered Species.


Information is available on the PERMITS page under Work Plan Status for General Permits

Information is available on the PERMITS page under Work Plan Status for General Permits.




  • Permit Process Participation Opportunities 

                     SOP2001 pdf file  

    • Individual Permit Work Plan Schedule 

      2014 work plan is for the Rio Grande and Arksansas Basins
      2015 work plan is for the Colorado River Basin
      2016 work plan is for the South Platte River Basin

  • General Permit Work Plan Schedule 

    General Permit Name Permit
    Commerce and Industry

    Aquatic Animal Production


    2016  2016

    Commercial Washing of Outdoor Structures


    2012  tbd

    Coal Mining Process Water &  Stormwater Combined


    2013 2014

    Hydrostatic Testing of Pipelines, Tanks, & Similar Vessels


    2012 2014 

    Metal Mining Industry Stormwater


    2011 2015

    Non-Contact Cooling Water


    2013  tbd

    Non-Extractive Industries Stormwater


    2017  2017

    No Exposure Exclusion from CDPS Stormwater Permitting


    2016  2016
    Pesticides Application COG860000 2014  2014

    Produced Water Treatment Facilities


    2014 tbd

    Sand & Gravel Mining Wastewater & Stormwater combined


    2013  2014

    Sand & Gravel Mining & Processing Stormwater Only


    2012  2014

    Subterranean Dewatering or Well Development


    2018  2018

    Water Treatment Plant Wastewater Discharge


    2010  tbd
    Sewage Systems
    Domestic Waste Water Treatment Plant with Chronic Low Flow Design  COG588000 2018  2018
    Domestic Waste Water Treatment Facilities COG589000 2018  2018
    Domestic Septic Treatment Systems COX620000 2006  n/a***
    Domestic on site systems ISDS COX621000 2012


    Domestic on site systems ISDS no Wells COX622000 2012  tbd
    Domestic Lagoon Systems COX630000 2015  n/a***
    Domestic Discharges Land Disposal COX631000 2012  tbd
    Domestic Discharges Land Treatment COX632000 2012  tbd
    Domestic Discharges Land Treatment Agronomic Rate COX633000 2012  tbd
    Construction Dewatering COG070000 2018 2018
    Hydrostatic Testing COG604000 2012 2014 
    Remediation Discharges to Surface Water COG315000 2016 2016
    Remediation Discharges to Ground Water COG316000 2016 2016
    Stormwater Construction COR030000 2012  2015
    MS4 Sector
    MS4 Cherry Creek Reservoir Basin COR080000 2013  2014
    MS4 Non-Standard COR070000 2013  tbd
    MS4 Standard COR090000 2013  2014

  * Permits Expiration Year - When a general permit expires and is not renewed,
   it is Administratively Continued, allowing coverage under that general permit
   to continue until the renewed permit is issued.

** Planned Renewal Year - This designates the year in which the Division plans
   on renewing a general permit. The actual completion of the renewal depends
   on time restraints, resource availability, and emergency requests or requirements.

***Permit will be terminated once existing permit coverages are terminated
    or converted to new permit coverage.




General Permit Name Permit
Commerce and Industry
DRAFT - CDPS General Permit COG606000 - For Discharges from Flow-through Pools/Spas Fed by Natural Hot Springs and/or Geothermal Wells
               Compilation of Public Comments 6-3-2014 pdf file
If you believe you submitted a comment that is not included in this packet, please contact Margo Griffin at margo.griffin@state.co.us
Renewal of CDPS Sand and Gravel General Permits
COG500000: Discharges Associated with Sand & Gravel Mining and Processing
COR340000: Stormwater Discharges Associated with Sand & Gravel Mining and Processing 
    Presentation pdf file
  • Permit is at public notice; comments accepted until June 24, 2014
  • Public Outreach Meetings    Schedule pdf file
    The Water Quality Control Division (the Division) will be hosting three outreach events for the renewal of the Sand and Gravel general permit (COG500000), which is currently at Public Notice through June 24, 2014.  
    In the outreach sessions, the Division will explain the terms and conditions included in the PN version of the renewal permit, and answer associated questions.  
    Outreach Teleconference:
    May 23, 2014  1pm  
    Dial In Number 1-218-862-1300   Conference ID Number 425132  
    *Long distance rates may apply depending on your provider.
    Please contact Al Stafford at al.stafford@state.co.us or at 303 691 4021 with further questions regarding these outreach sessions or the permit renewal process.

Renewal process for Mine Waste Remediation and COG850000   
            Discharges associated with Coal Mining Facilities
            Due to competing Division priorities, the renewal of general permit COR040000, 
             originally scheduled for 2014, is now planned for 2015.
         This may affect facilities that discharge stormwater associated with
         indiustrial activities described by the following SIC Codes:
          SIC Codes 1011-1099   Metal Mining (Ore mining and Dressing)
          SIC Codes 1221-1231   Coal Mines and Coal Mining Related Facilities
         Mining Presentation    Presentation pdf file  
         Pre-public notice comments updated 9-17-12 Comments pdf file
         WQP-5 Policy for Mining Activities Policy pdf file

          Questions directed to Kathy Rosow 303-692-3521 kathleen.rosow@state.co.us




Pesticide General Permit    Renewal Timeline and Procedure pdf file
         Renewal Process beginning 
        Stake Holder Meeting No. 1    10/8/13 minutes pdf file  
        Stake Holder Meeting No. 2    11/13/13 minutes pdf file
        Stake Holder Meeting No. 3    12/12/13 agenda pdf file
        Questions - contact John Nieland 303-692-3553   john.nieland@state.co.us
COG860000  2014
Hydrostatic Testing General Permit
         Renewal Process is beginning
COG604000  2014
MS4 Sector  
MS4 Cherry Creek Reservoir Basin COR080000        MS4 Standard   COR090000  2014

The Division is currently renewing these discharge permits.
The following documents summarize the process and discussions
Questions may be directed to Lisa Knerr 303-692-3004  lisa.knerr@state.co.us

MS4 Standard   COR090000   Public Comments 1/14/14 pdf file  
                          (This file is 650+ pages and may take a while to download.
                           For navigating document: Bookmarks are in the Left hand column, 
                           Page Numbers are also listed.)
Draft of Permit and Fact sheets - these are available to see, however, no comments will be accepted on them at this time.

Public Meeting December 16, 2013
Public Meeting Agenda pdf file
Public Meeting Slide Presentation pdf file  
Public Meeting Transcript pdf file

S4 Outfall Survey due by 8-9-2013  MS4 Outfall Survey 7-8-13 pdf file     
                          Completed Surveys     Outfall Surveys rec'd by 8-9-2013 pdf file        
                                     These are all of the Surveys submitted by the MS4 Community. 
                                      View all permittees or Open the "Bookmark" section on the lefthand 
                                      side to select individual permittees
General Permit Renewal Anticipated Timeline  Timeline pdf file
MS4 Meeting Summary Documents

    Pre-Public Notice Meeting  
                               Pre Public Notice Meeting Agenda pdf file
                               Pre Public Notice Meeting Slides pdf file  
                               PPN Stakeholder Input pdf file

     MS4 Renewal Meeting 8-21-2013 pdf file
   Listening Session Meeting  Agenda 4-17-2013 pdf file    
                    CSC Letter - Overarching Issues pdf file     
                    CSC Power Point Presentation pdf file
     MS4 Renewal Meeting 3-18-2013 pdf file
     MS4 Renewal Meeting 3-6-2013 pdf file
    MS4 Renewal Meeting 2-19-2013 pdf file
    MS4 Renewal Meeting 1-31-2013 pdf file
    MS4 Renewal Meeting 1-10-2013 pdf file
     MS4 County Permit Coverage 12-12-12 pdf file
     MS4 Renewal Kick Off Meeting 11-2-2012 pdf file







For a list of Sewage, Commerce & Industry, and MS4 permits that are active
                                    please check the EPA Echo Site

Active Stormwater Construction Permits     current through 6/6/2014 excel spreadsheet  

Construction Stormwater certifications  Issued in June 2014 pdf file .                

 Active Stormwater Industrial Permits          Current through 3/1/2014 excel spreadsheet                          
                         (Stormwater Industrial certs and MS4 Certs are in EPA Echo Site.
                            Certifications listed here will be migrated to EPA's site in the future.)


  If you have further questions, feel free to call 303-692-3517.

During the hours of 8-5 press 0 and your call will be directed to a live assistant. 

At other times, please leave a message.