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About the Division

The Water Quality Control Division is recognized as Colorado’s leading agency for monitoring and reporting on the quality of state waters, preventing water pollution, protecting, restoring and enhancing the quality of surface and groundwater, and assuring that safe drinking water is provided from all public water systems. The Division is also committed to continuously enhancing and improving service to all segments of the public.


The Colorado Water Quality Control Division regulates the discharge of pollutants into the state's surface and ground waters and enforces the Colorado Primary Drinking Water Regulations.


The Colorado Water Quality Control Commission is the administrative agency responsible for developing specific state water quality policies, in a manner that implements the broader policies set forth by the Legislature in the Colorado Water Quality Control Act. The Commission adopts water quality classifications and standards for surface and ground waters of the state, as well as various regulations aimed at achieving compliance with those classifications and standards. The Commission has also been given authority regarding the Colorado Primary Drinking Water Regulations.


The Colorado State Board of Health is the administrative authority responsible for adoption and revision of standards, rules and regulations of public health laws set forth by the Legislature in the Colorado Safe Drinking Water Act. Among the Board's authority, concerning a wide variety of important health matters, are regulations pertaining to swimming pools and natural swimming areas.



  • Implement the federal and state laws, regulations and policies governing water quality and drinking water in a timely, efficient and fair manner;


  • Regulate water quality and public water systems through an open and collaborative public process;


  • Ensure that every public water system consistently provides safe drinking water and that every permitted discharger is in compliance with permit conditions;


  • Assure attainment of water quality classifications and standards using permits to control point sources and encouraging voluntary control of nonpoint sources of pollution;


  • Provide technical, financial and compliance assistance to drinking water and wastewater treatment systems and water quality improvement projects;


  • Establish priorities that reflect positive public health and environmental outcomes and generate measurable results;


  • Promote a watershed approach to water quality management which coordinates division activities within geographic areas;


  • Evaluate the water quality status of water bodies;


  • Provide quality information to the citizens of Colorado regarding the safety of their drinking water and the quality of Colorado’s waters;


  • Maintain a skilled, team-oriented, professional staff in an empowering and satisfying work environment;


  • Support the Water Quality Control Commission, Board of Health and Water and Wastewater Facility Operator Certification Board in the fulfillment of their missions.