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I'm Looking for Information About....


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This section of the website is designed to help you find information on topics that are frequently raised in questions or concerns.
Where do I look?
One way to navigate the Water Quality Control Division's site is to use the lefthand navigation bar. Topics are organized under major headings such as Public Notices, Services, etc. When you visit these pages, additional links will appear in the navigation bar for you to further explore.
At any time you can return to the WQCD's homepage by clicking on "Home" in the white navigation bar along the top of the page.
[please note that the maroon navigation bar is attached to the entire Department of Public Health and Environment, not just the Water Quality Control Division]
Isn't there just a LIST?
You can also find information by visiting the Department's A-Z page for a comprehensive list of topics. These topics are organized alphabetically, and will also include topics relating to other division's such as Hazardous Materials, Prevention Services, Vital Records, etc. All Department Topics should be listed under the A-Z list.
What if I still cannot find what I am looking for?
If you are still not finding exactly what you are looking for, our website is set up with a google-search tool in the upper right hand corner. This search engine will search within our site for the topics that match your search parameters.
Search results will include pages, links, documents, and anywhere that your search parameter shows up within the department's website.