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You may have received a notice in accordance with Executive Order 5 alerting you that a stakeholder process has begun for the 303(d) list. Please note that in December 2012, due to additional and significant resource demands placed on the Water Quality Control Division, the commission canceled the rulemaking hearing for the 2014 303(d) list. That decision has not changed.
The rulemaking hearing for the 2016 list will occur December 2015. The 2016 list will include assessments that would have been taken up in the 2014 list.The workgroup process for the 2016 Section 303(d) list will begin March 5, 2014. 
You can learn more and get involved by visiting the Water Quality Forum website: http://colowqforum.org/

In accordance with Colorado Discharge Permit regulations, the Division is providing issued final actions. Due to space limitations, final actions will be posted for a limited period of time. Copies of all permit actions may be obtained from our records center at 303-692-3600.  

Permit Number Permittee Facility Documents
Issued in June 2014
CO0043397 City of Ouray WWTF 43397 permit pdf file  
43397 mod 1 fact sheet pdf file
CO0048946 Western Summit Constructors Inc Metro Par 1088 SPI Dewatering 48946 permit pdf file  
48946 fact sheet pdf file  
48946 wqa pdf file
Issued in May 2014
CO0021261 City of La Junta WWTF 21261 permit pdf file  
21261 fact sheet pdf file  
21261 wqa pdf file
CO0036528 Costilla County Water and Sanitation District WWTF 36528 permit pdf file  
36528 fact sheet pdf file  
36528 wqa pdf file
CO0048823 Avalance Ranch Cabins and Antiques Avalanche Ranch 48823 permit pdf file  
48823 fact sheet pdf file
CO0043397 City of Ouray WWTF 43397 permit pdf file  
43397 fact sheet pdf file  
43397 wqa pdf file
CO0048437 Kremmling Sanitation District WWTF 48437 permit pdf file  
48437 fact sheet pdf file
CO0032409 Town of La Veta WWTF 32409 permit pdf file  
32409 fact sheet pdf file  
32409 wqa pdf file
Issued in April 2014
CO0000009 Glen Echo Resort LLC  Wastewater system 9 permit pdf file  
9 fact sheet pdf file  
9 wqa pdf file
CO0020281 Town of Del Norte WWTF 20281 permit pdf file  
20281 fact sheet pdf file  
20281 wqa pdf file
CO0040819 Orodel Inc Boulder Mountain Lodge WWTF 40819 permit pdf file  
40819 fact sheet pdf file  
40819 wqa pdf file
CO0039519 North La Junta Sanitation District WWTF 39519 permit pdf file  
39519 fact sheet pdf file  
39519 wqa pdf file
COX048904 4 UR Ranch Inc WWTF 48904 permit pdf file  
48904 fact sheet pdf file




HB12-1119 Report to General Assembly
Final Document 11-30-2012

HB12-1119 pdf file
WQCD Implementation Policy
Clean Water 
CW - 1 pdf file
Determination of the Requirement to Include Water Quality Standards-based Limits
in CDPS Permits based on Reasonable Potential.
WQCD Implementation Policy
Clean Water 
CW - 2 pdf file
Applicability of the Nutrients Management Control Regulation Dilution for Discharges
to Waters Designated as Critical Habitat for Threatened and Endangered Species.


Information is available on the PERMITS page under Work Plan Status for General Permits

Information is available on the PERMITS page under Work Plan Status for General Permits.





Regulation 85 

summary pdf file of the nutrients regulations adopted by the Water Quality Control Commission is attached.

Below is the Monitoring Panel for the Regulation 85 requirements.  Please note the corrected period of record for the Cooling Tower Monitoring Panel.  More information will be coming soon. Regulation 85 Monitoring Panel / Approved Methods excel spreadsheet  


PLEASE NOTE: Regulation 85 Nutrient Monitoring Data for calendar year 2013 should be submitted electronically by emailing the report form to:
kristy.richardson@state.co.us or arne.sjodin@state.co.us

For more information on the rulemaking, please vist our Drinking Water RTCR and Colorado Initiatives Rulemaking page.

Revisions to Water and Watewater Facility Operators Certification Requirements, Regulation 100
The Department is conducting a rulemaking to revise the current water and wastewater facility operators certification requirements, Regulation 100.  The rulemaking hearing before the Water and Wastewater Facility Operators Certification Board is scheduled April 29, 2014.
The scope of the proposed revisions are:
  • Incorporate language from board policies into the regulation
    • Delegation of tasks and activities to staff operators
    • De Minimus distribution system
    • Uniformed Services Employment and Re-employment Rights Act
  • Consistent use of terms throughout the regulation
  • Moving some definitions with limited reference to the body of the regulation
  • Clarifications
  • Remove typos
  • Correct errors in references
  • Minor reorganization of some sections
These revisions to regulation 100 are not substantive in nature and will codify current implementation practices or requirements currently in WWFOCB policies. A timeline for the regulation 100 revision rulemaking is depicted below.
Timeline Event
Dec 20, 2013 through January 17, 2014 Comment period
January 7, 2014 Stakeholder meeting on proposed language
February 2014 Final draft
April 29, 2014 Board hearing
Stakeholder meeting
The stakeholder meeting for revisions to regulation 100 will be held on Jan. 7, 2014. The Safe Drinking Water and the Clean Water Programs encourage all interested parties to participate and provide comment on the proposed revisions to the water and wastewater facility operators certification requirements, regulation 100.
WEB ONLY MEETING:  January 10, 2014
10:00 a.m. to noon
Conference call:
Dial: 1-218-862-1300
Conference code: 543213
Participants please RSVP to Jackie Whelan if you will attend the meeting in Denver as seating is limited. If you are unable to attend in person, you may participate via webinar access and a conference call number. Registration is not required to participate via webinar/conference calling.
What to expect: The proposal for review is posted on this website. Please review the draft language and provide comments through an online comment form. The comment form is available so that you may provide written comments before the meeting and will remain available until Jan. 17 for additional comments you may have after the meeting.
To provide comments please use our online comment form
The Water and Wastewater Facility Operators Certification Board rulemaking hearing is scheduled for April 29, 2014.
Questions?  Contact:  Jackie Whelan
Phone:  303-692-3617