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Newborn Hearing Screening Program

As many as 150 babies are born in Colorado every year with a hearing loss.  It is important that every newborn baby’s hearing be tested before they leave the hospital or after a home birth. Identifying hearing problems and taking action as early as possible gives every baby the best possible chance to develop normally.

To be sure we identify every baby with hearing loss, hospitals in Colorado are required to provide a hearing screen.  Midwives and birthing centers in Colorado are required to either screen babies for hearing loss or provide information to parents on where to obtain an infant hearing screen. 


Screenings may be done at participating locations in your area.  Providers may include:
• School districts
• Hospitals
• Midwives


Private insurance and Medicaid often cover the Newborn Hearing Screening.  If you carry insurance, check with your insurance carrier to learn about what the cost may be to have your baby’s hearing screened.


Call 303-692-2370 to speak with the Newborn Hearing Screening Program Coordinator and learn where you can take your baby to get a low cost (and in few cases, free) hearing screen.



Newborn Hearing Screening Program
Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment
Prevention Services Division
4300 Cherry Creek Drive South
Denver, CO 80246
303-692-2370 or 800-886-7689 ext 2370