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Standardized Invoice Form

Invoice Forms and Links

Contact Deb Polk at deb.polk@state.co.us or 303-692-2136 for the following:

  • Issues concerning the functionality of the invoice forms listed on this site

  • Issues with any of the links displayed on this site

  • Information about the development and history of the form


Standardized Invoice Form

Use the STANDARD form below for all invoicing unless CDPHE staff instructs you to use the expanded version or a custom form. The expanded version contains more rows in each expenditure category. Both forms were created in Excel 97-2003.



Customized Invoice Forms



How to Use the CDPHE Reimbursement Invoice Form pdf file  


In addition to instruction provided in the linked document above, Contractors will receive detailed instruction on the completion of the invoice form and submission requirements from the contracting program. If you have not received this information or require technical assistance in completing the form, please contact your program representative.


Fact Sheet & Memo

Standardized Invoice Fact Sheet 061212 pdf file

Standardized Invoice Notification Memo 061512 pdf file