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American Indian Discussion Council




Due to the disparities experienced by American Indians, the Office of Health Disparities of the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment initiated a process in 2009 to convene Colorado’s American Indian community to discuss the health assets and disparities within the American Indian population. 


The purpose of the community conversation was to engage American Indians in a discussion on health disparities and determine what aspects of health disparities are important for the American Indian communities. Additionally, the intent was to create an ongoing infrastructure from the community conversation where American Indian community members would continue to address health disparities.


To assist in the community conversation process, the Office of Health Disparities contracted with SageRiver Consulting, Inc. (SageRiver) to gather American Indian community members and service providers to plan a community conversation, track and coordinate to-do items, and assist with the community conversation.


The outcome of the conversation resulted in six priority systems to address Colorado’s American Indians' health and wellness:


1. Widespread information access and dissemination
2. Promote emotional, spiritual, physical and mental health for balance
3. Guaranteed access to services locally
4. Provide services in continuum of care
5. Certified system for culturally safe health care
6. Native American Cultural and Prevention Resource Center




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