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Expectant and New Parents

Sleeping Infant

A Quick Test That Could Save Your Baby's Life

Giving your baby the very best chance for a healthy start is important to all parents.

If you are a new parent, or expecting a new baby soon, you likely have many questions about how to care and provide for your new infant.


With all of the information available to new parents, making sense of the information can sometimes be challenging.

This website provides answers to parents' questions about newborn screening and describes the state laboratory's role in testing all newborns for disorders that are critical to your baby's health.

The quick and simple newborn screening test, performed within the first few hours of your baby's life, is one of the most important tests in your new baby's life.

Although a newborn may appear normal, it is essential to have your baby screened, as many disorders present at birth do no not show symptoms in the baby. By the time a baby shows symptoms of a disorder, critical damages to your infant's health may already have occurred.

We invite new and expectant parents to review this website and the frequently asked questions, to learn more about newborn disorders.

If you have additional questions, be sure to ask your physician for more information.



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