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TENORM Policy Development Stakeholder Process


The Radiation Program is conducting a comprehensive stakeholder process to revise the Interim Policy and Guidance Pending Rulemaking for Control and Disposition of Technologically-Enhanced Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials in Colorado pdf file dated February 2007.   


In addition, the Radiation Program is participating in the ongoing Solid Waste stakeholder process for the disposal or beneficial reuse of oil and gas produced water.


TENORM Policy Development Stakeholder Meetings


Multiple meetings have been held to discuss the draft policy revision (see below) and comments have benn received on this draft.  Comments and meeting materials are presented below.  Based on the comments and additional research the Radiation Program has revised the Draft TENORM Policy Revision from October 2013, available here:


Another meeting will be held at the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment Campus Location, 4300 Cherry Creek Drive South, Denver, CO 80246 to discuss the revised draft sometime in June 2014.  Attendees will need to check in at the Security Desk located in the main lobby of Building A.  The security guard can provide directions to the meeting room.     Map pdf file

Comments I pdf file             Comments II pdf file            Comments III pdf file            Comments IV pdf file

Comments V pdf file            Comments VI pdf file          Comments VII pdf file


Stakeholder Meeting Materials:


Beneficial Use or Produced Water Flowchart and Questions (August 2013) pdf file

TENORM Policy Revision Legal Working Group pdf file    April 7, 2014



TENORM Kickoff Presentation pdf file   October 8, 2013

TENORM Kickoff Meeting Notes pdf file    October 8, 2013

mRem Levels and Exposure Scenarios pdf file    December 9, 2013

TENORM Meeting #2 Presentation pdf file      December 11, 2013


EPA Radioactive Contamination Cleanup Levels at CERCLA Sites pdf file      August 27, 1997

WQCC Memo:Triennial Review Informational Hearing for Regulation No. 63 - Pretreatment Regulations pdf file      December 28, 2012

WQCC Memo: Triennial Review Informational Hearing for Regulation No.64 - Biosolids Regulations pdf file      January 2, 2013



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Contact Steve Tarlton at (303) 692-3423 or steve.tarlton@state.co.us with questions. 

Send comments to cdphe_tenormpolicyrevision@state.co.us.


Relative Radiation Background Doses

Environmental Radionuclides Infographic pdf file Environmental Radionuclides Infographic pdf file        Radiation Dose Chart pdf file